The consumption of movies is facing a constant rise in India. People have enough passion and love for films and more than enough content to watch. Movie theatres have been a great source of entertainment for a long time. And, now with changing times and increase in OTT platforms and streaming apps in India, the competition is getting tough. In this race of providing great content to the viewers, there is a clash between OTT Platform Vs Theatres. Due to the increase in the number of movie watchers, the future of movie streaming apps, OTT Platforms and movie theatres looks very bright.

So, which one is the future of movies between the two and what does the future holds for Movie Theatres, OTT Platforms and Streaming Apps in India? Let us find out who wins this race by comparing the two- OTT Platform Vs Theatres.

What are OTT Platforms and streaming apps?

Over-the-top Platforms and streaming apps is a streaming media service that provides users with a wide variety of multi-media creation. It offers content through broadcast, internet cable and satellite television platforms. With people’s changing lifestyles and increased use of smartphones with affordable internet services, OTT Platforms are getting more popular.

Representation of Streaming app Netflix on phone.
Mobile version of Netflix

How are OTT Platforms growing in India?

India is one of the fastest-growing nations in the world, be it in any aspect. Indians have limitless love for entertainment and especially movies in their lives. For Indian families, watching movies in theatres equals to a family outing where they can spend time with their families. Now, with the introduction of many new movie streaming apps in India, the future of movies, movie theatres and OTT Platforms is looking much better.

OTT Platforms and Streaming Apps have taken many steps to gain popularity and widen their base in India. Many of the Streaming Apps are setting up their studios to produce more content. An important reason that attracts the viewers and helps the OTT Platforms to grow in India is original content. All the Streaming Apps offer a large variety of original web series and movies in different genres. Many streaming apps also offer shows and movies in local languages. They partner with local production companies and as a result, make their movies and series. Many telecom companies have also introduced their OTT platforms and streaming apps to offer content to the viewers.

The number of Streaming Apps in India has increased from a single digit to double-digit in the past few years. As a result, OTT Platforms are competing with each other as well. Viewers have lots of content to choose from all these apps, but it also leaves them confused as to which one to choose. Here, you can read a comparison between two popular Streaming Apps and know which one is better.

OTT Platform Vs Theatres- Challenges and benefits

The war between Streaming Apps Vs Movie Theatres has both advantages and disadvantages to it. Watching a movie in a Theatre is a beautiful cinematic experience, whereas OTT Platforms let you have a good time in the comfort of your home. Both of them offer great content and viewer experience. Let’s take a look at how OTT Platforms and Movie Theatres benefit and challenge each other.

Earlier, people used to be eager to watch new movies on the big screen. They still are, but now, they are willing to wait until they are released on or purchased by the OTT Platforms. Many of the popular streaming apps such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are now buying digital rights to the highest-earning films more than ever. Youngsters play a vital role in the success of Streaming Apps. The reason is that they want interesting, engaging and relatable content which OTT Platforms can provide. Here, they can choose to watch anything at any time and anywhere, which is not the case with Movie Theatres.

Now, many of the producers choose to release their small budget films directly on OTT Platforms. Releasing films with a low budget and less familiar names on the big screen is difficult. Also, at times it gets hard to find a release date for a film due to limited cinema screens in India. Thus, to cut the cost of printing and advertising, and avoiding the struggle of release dates, releasing them on Streaming Apps seems better.

Revenues from the theatre release of a film still form a large part of its earnings. But, now with films releasing on OTT Platforms after their theatre release, it benefits them both. Producers can earn more revenue, and OTT Platforms get more subscribers.

OTT Platform Vs Theatres- USPs

Movie Theatres and OTT Platforms, both have their own USPs in the streaming business in India. On the one hand, Movie Theatres offer the opportunity of watching movies in 3D with high sound and picture quality. On the other hand, OTT Platforms have no language barriers. Along with offering content in different languages, Streaming Apps also have the option of subtitles in different languages, including regional ones. OTT Platforms also let you watch personalized content and give recommendations based on what you like to watch.

OTT is growing very fast in India. These are the best OTT Platforms and are the future of Streaming apps in India.
Some popular OTT Platforms | Image Source

Movie theatres charge money depending upon the movie, showtime and seating. Whereas, OTT Platforms charge money on the monthly and yearly basis as per the plans providing different content and features. One benefit of the streaming apps is that they offer a variety of content for non-premium subscribers as well. Thus, in terms of price, OTT Platforms are more affordable. Watching movies at home brings more comfort, but it also means more pauses and breaks. Whereas, in a movie theatre you can enjoy your movie without any disturbance.

As a viewer, if you give more importance to the vibe of watching a movie on the big screen and like it old school, you would choose to go to a movie theatre. Whereas, if your comfort is more important, you would like OTT Platforms more. Also, as the earlier parts of some Hollywood movies are present on the OTT Platforms, people become excited about watching the new ones in the theatres. Thus, in many ways, OTT Platforms and Movie Theatres help each other as well, and along with giving competition to each other, they push the viewers who want more content towards each other.

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