Netflix and chill is all we needed and did in this pandemic. Despite the fact that we have an extensive list of subscription bills, still we binge watch each and every day and night. Netflix has been our saviour. Following a long tiring day of working you need some amusement and binge watching, correct? All things considered, once more Netflix has thought of another approach to energize us, THE NETFLIX STREAM FEST!! Isn’t that something we have wanted for like forever? For two days one can stream for free on Netflix. So, you have two days to watch as many movies as you can, no work pressure as it’s a weekend. Trust me this is the most ideal thing. There are endless films one can go over and the struggle to choose is real. It takes so much time finding a movie than watching one. So here I’ll make that task simple for all of you!

Here is the list of movies that you must watch, don’t worry you won’t regret watching them!

1. Tune in For Love

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Rom-com lovers, this movie is for you all. A Korean romantic Netflix original, is a simple love story of Hyun-woo (Jung Hae-in) and Mi-soo (Kim Go-eun) from 1990s. Hyun-woo is a high school student who was falsely blamed for the death of his friend, this incident left him in distress. Luckily, when he started working part-time at a Bakery shop runned by Mi-soo and her sister, both fall in love with each other. Now as one knows a love-story can’t be as simple as it may seem. Both part ways due to unpredictable circumstances but yet again meet after years as adults and fall in love again. The film depicts the small parts in such a beautiful way that one can’t resist but get butterflies in their stomach.

P.S. You may fall in love with the lead actor too!

2.  Enola Holmes

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A Netflix Original 2020 film, based on the first book of the Series named The Enola Holmes Mysteries by Nancy Springer, starring the cheerful young actor Millie Bobby Brown and the Handsome young lord Louis Partridge. The film takes you to the journey sixteen-year-old Enola who is set out to find the only human who has been close to her since childhood that is her mother, who disappeared into thin air on her birthday. Enola’s brothers Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes return after hearing the news of their parent gone missing. Enola is all ready to find her mother on her own, as she doesn’t expect her brothers to agree to plan. She escapes from her house and leaves for London where she meets Viscount Tewkesbury, who was fleeing from his house too. On the quest of finding her mother she encounters how brutal the world is and how that needs to be changed. You will see a 16-year-old girl’s encounters on her way to adventure and how she became a part of changing the world. Sherlock Fans this is for you.

3. Ludo

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One can see four stories diverging and then converging in the end to the fearless criminal of the film Sattu Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi). The film is a blend of genres such as Crime, Drama, Anthology, and Comedy. Directed by one of kind Anurag Basu, who also narrated in the film. The murder of a contractor by a dreaded gangster, who has crushed the God of death, sets off a bomb event that unite an arrangement of characters whose ways might not have crossed for something else. It is an Interesting film, comes with an appealing opening track. It has been on Top 2 on Netflix for a week. Go watch it right Now!

4. The Half of It

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This is the story of a Teen Ellie Chu, an introvert, who lives with her only parent in the town of Squahamish. Ellie is exploring her sexual identity while writing love letters on behalf of her friend Paul Munsky to his crush Aster Flores. Ellie unknowingly falls in love with Aster but initially denies. Aster on the other hand thinks that Paul has same interests as her and starts to like him but little did she know that who is actually writing those letters. This a teenage comedy-drama film directed by Alice Wu, where a teen experiences love, hardships, sexuality and friendship.

5. The Call

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The Call is a call for thriller lovers. It is a thriller South-Korean movie. The film depicts the story of two women Seo-yeon (Park Shin-hye) and Young-sook (Jeon Jong-seo) who live in different times but are connected through a phone call after which their lives are changed unalterably. The plot is much interesting and it’s one of the best thrillers ever made. A must watch for all the horror-thriller lovers.

6. Falling Inn Love

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Falling Inn Love is an American romantic movie. It is a story of a woman Gabriela Diaz (Christina Milian) who wins an ‘INN’ somewhere in small countryside of Switzerland by participating in an essay contest. After travelling thousands of miles, she reaches to the country where her prize was. But it was not how she expected it to be, still she somehow wants to turn this barren Inn into a beautiful Inn and while running around in the countryside she meets Jake Taylor a restoration expert. Initially both don’t get along but then after working together on the Inn, they fall in love. Unfortunately things do come in between but still somehow they manage to stay together. It’s a cozy and pleasing rom-com movie.     

 7. Work it

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Work it is a comedy teenage movie, which depicts the story of an 18-year-old who enters in a dance contest to go to the college her dreams. Being a non-dancer Quinn faces problems but there her only best friend Jasmine, who was an aspiring dancer, helps her. She promises to change her gawkiness through dance, and refine her aptitudes until she contends at the competition to make her and her parents dream come true. Unlike the cliché high school movies Work it is different. You may not see much twists and turns in the movie, but will definitely be attracted to the dance moves which will make you dance right away!

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