Directed by Sreejoni Nag, Name Plate is a short film of 9min 20 seconds by BLUSH. It features Vishal Vashishtha, Diptii, Suneel Sinha and Menekka Arora

Needa and Pratyaksh are a young married couple breaking the stereotype of society. Needa is 3 years older than Pratyaksh and earns more than him. They both invite Needa’s parents for a small house warming celebration. They send their car to their parent’s house in order to pick them up. Needa’s father is not happy with her decision to marry a man younger than her. He thinks that Pratyaksh has easily influenced by Needa and all the decisions are taken by her. Her father also tells her mother that society will never accept their relationship because of the age gap. When they go to their house and see their bonding and cooperation her father’s opinion changes completely. He sees Pratyaksh and Needa as a perfect couple. At first, he thinks that Needa is trying to overshadow Pratyaksh by buying a house with her money and then a car. But afterwards, Pratyaksh tells him that he has bought the car to share the load as Needa has bought the house.

This short film shows what being a true life partner means. Supporting each other for their work and respecting each other in a relationship is necessary.

Since ages in India, men have always been of an elder age than women in marriages. The age gap can be of 2yrs, 4yrs or even 10yrs and still it would have been a normal thing. But if the woman is even 1yr older than the man then the society will not accept it although they will not be affected by that in any way.
The short film has a strong message that numbers should not matter in a relationship, whether it is about age or income.

By-Preeti Dalal

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