Growing up in an urban setup and nuclear family, i never really understood the lifestyle and values of the villages and especially during early decades of 70’s and 80’s where there was limited connectivity. When i watched Nadiya Ke Paar, i immersed myself into that rural setup and got insights into deep rooted Indian values, which we may or may not agree to, in today’s world.

Nadiya Ke Paar, a 1982 romantic-drama, directed by Govind Moonis and starring the very talented Sachin Pilgaonkar as Chandan and Sadhna Singh as Gunja in lead roles, is based on simple rural families from two villages separated by a river, and the relationship that is born and nurtured between the characters in a beautiful manner throughout the movie. The story revolves around the love story of Chandan and Gunja who are separated by a river and their innocence and effortless charm is captured in a way that it feels earthy and authentic.

The Awadhi dialect sounds natural and effortless, so credit to the actors and the director for giving importance to the nuances of the script. The love and respect between the two brothers is also one of the major aspects of this film and their relationship is one to cherish.

The essence of Indian love stories lies in their simplicity, respect and pure form of love. All these aspects make this worth a watch. Chandan and Gunja share a unique camaradarie from the time they meet, by being playful and affable and sharing a space of comfort, fun and friendship before they eventually fall in love. The arc of both the characters is articulated very well. It us indeed remarkable to see that love can be felt so deeply without a hint of vulgarity in it. Another thing that caught my attention was the rituals and tradition practiced in the villages of Uttar Pradesh. The marriage sequence shown in the film is an outstanding portrayal of authentic Indian weddings with soulful music and emotions flowing with the songs. The lyrics touched upon the culture and the entire setting felt lively. Also, Lath Maar Holi which is popular in the state of Uttar Pradesh is highlighted with an engaging and fun song. The supporting characters are equally remarkable and they surely leave an everlasting impression on you. The characters though aren’t complex and subjective, they deliver what they are expected of, with perfection.

By the end of the movie, you feel so overwhelmed with all the emotions that it doesn’t look like you were watching a film, rather a true story taking place right infront of you. It makes you laugh, love and sob, taking you to an emotional journey. The tragedy, sacrifices for love and respect for family members are what makes this piece a standout among such genre films. I shall adore this movie every time i watch it, sensing the love in its purest form.

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