This is a RoyalStag Barrel Select Large Short film directed by Aarti Chabaria starring Darshan Jariwala

Krishnakant Jhunjhunwala gets to know that he has only 1-2 months of life left as he is in the 4th stage of cancer. The doctor advised him to enjoy his remaining life to the fullest so he decides to head towards Varanasi/ Kashi to spend his remaining life leaving a note for the same for his family. On his train journey, he meets a Gujarat man who has the business of garments who advises him to go to a restaurant opposite to Surat railway station if he ever visits Surat. When he arrives at Kashi, he meets Rafique, a rickshaw puller who later becomes his friend even after having a generation gap. Rafique helps him in many ways which result in the betterment of his health. This continues for almost a year and the doctor is proven wrong and Krishnakant says that even science can fail. Krishnakant comes to know about his children fighting over his business property therefore he decides to go back to Mumbai and solve the matter. Rafique was not happy with this but could not stop him. Again he starts a train journey and this time he decides to get down in Surat and go to that restaurant but on his way of crossing the road he meets with an accident which ends his life.

This short film gives lots of life lessons in just 30 mins. One of the strongest messages is that you can delay death but never deny it. What has been decided in destiny will surely happen no matter what you do.

The bond between Rafique and Krishnakant is very pure. Their different religions could not separate their hearts.
The film shows the beauty of Kashi/Varanasi/Banaras by showing the different layers of the city. Hindu and Muslim live in the city together with love and respect, people come there for salvation, people get peace by seeing the great Ganga aarti.
Krishnakant is a successful businessman but when he sees his death approaching, everything becomes useless and his property was unable to yield his happiness. For him, happiness is going to Varanasi and spending his remaining life near Ganga.

By-Preeti Dalal

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