Directed by Simerjit Kaur and produced by Gunbir Singh Sindhu and Manmord Sindhu Muklawa is a romantic comedy Punjabi period film where the old tradition of Muklawa is given a humourous angle instead of forming a sad story around it.

Nirmal(elder) and Shinda(younger) two brothers are married in one house with Channo(elder) and Taaro(younger) who are sisters. But on the next day of the wedding, only Nirmal was allowed to see his wife Chaano’s face and Shinda was not, until the day of Mukhlawa. So Taaro had to stay with her parents even after her wedding. Since Shinda was excited to spend his life with his wife even before their marriage was fixed, gets annoyed with the stupid tradition. When he sees his Nirmal spending time with Channo he gets jealous and irritated. He gave a Payal(anklet? to his Bhabhi(Channo) when she about to go to her maternal home to give it to Taaro. Taaro is happy to receive it and thinks about it all day long. Shinda then decides to find some or the other way to meet his wife Taaro without letting anyone know about it. So he disguised himself as a Sadhu, as a person repairing utensils and a bangle seller. He gets a chance to enter their house as a bangle seller and finally gets to see Taaro’s face and finds her very beautiful and faints there.

One night when Shinda, his chacha and Fattu were drunk, they decidest to go to Taaro’s house to show Shinda’s face to Taaro. Reaching her home they got caught by Taaro’s family members and villagers but somehow Shinda manages to run away from there without anyone noticing him and his Chacha and friend Fattu get caught. The relationship gets on the verge of breaking up as Taaro’s family members and villagers didn’t like that, but somehow the marriage is saved.

But still, Shinda wants to meet his wife somehow and manages that in at the holy sight of Peerbaba after which they kept meeting each other in a way no one can catch them. But the story gets twisted when his Gela chacha created a scene in the Lohri celebration by misbehaving with Taaro’s mother and the marriage of both the brother comes to a stake. But one-day Shinda decides to get his wife Taaro back without fearing anybody, after which Taaro’s father arrives at their house and after some arguments, the matter is solved and the married life of both the brothers gets back on track happily.

This movie provides us with insights into old Punjabi traditions through comedy and drama. The romantic love story of Shinda and Taaro is beautifully said by the director.

The brief about the Muklawa tradition was also given in the starting of the film as an indication about the rest of the film.

There are laughs throughout the film and not just Shinda but Gela chacha, Fattu and both the son in law’s of the house are the comic characters. Dialogues of Shinda like “mainu ni pata tu mere naal changa ni kita… maine meri gharaali da muh dikha….mainu meri gharaali leike de” to his uncle(fufa Ji) shows how desperate he was to see his wife and how all this was given a humorous touch. Music played an important role in the film with beautiful songs like Jutti and background music.

The director Simerjit kaur has cleverly connected the the Punjabi Tradition of Muklawa with a love story in a comical way in which the negative part of the tradition is also criticized.

For a person who is interested in watching a Punjabi comical Movie in which they want to get insites of rural Punjabi households and the culture of Punjab, then Muklawa is one of the best movie to watch and its highly recommended by me.

By- Preeti Dalal


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