Directed by Garry Marshal Mother’s Day is a romantic comedy American film starring Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Shay Mitchell, Britt Robertson, Jason Sudeikis, Sara Chalke and some others.

The film is about 4 families interconnected in some ways with some issues just some days before mother’s day.
1) Sandy, a divorced mother of 2 sons is insecure about her sons after her ex-husband Henry marries a girl much younger than him.
2) Bradley is a former Marine, as his wife died a year before so he finds it difficult to keep his family on track. He has two daughters.
3) Kristin is reluctant to marry her boyfriend Zack Zimm even after having a daughter together as she has abandonment issues. Her real mother Miranda was unable to raise her due to family issues because of which she found a family to adopt her daughter Kristin.
4) Jessy has married an Indian American man against her mother’s will so she never talks to her mother. Her sister Gabi is a lesbian and married to Max. Gabi has not told about her wife to their parents. As a surprise, their parents visit them and finds out about both of them.

All these women either are mothers or daughters and the film is about what they felt to be away from their child or mother.
The film is full of considerable moments of laughter and happiness. It shows 4 different stories having different layers in just 2 hrs of time. The insecurity and frustration of Sandy, the dilemma of Kristen, the sadness of Bradley and the confusion and frustration of Jessi and Gabi are beautifully portrayed in the film.

All the actors have given decent performances. The film has lots of characters and stories which looks very heavy and unwanted. The idea of telling the stories from the viewpoint of the mother is good but the script seems to be overworked. These stories could have been told with just 1 or 2 families, but involving 4 families somehow creates a mess on-screen.
Since this film is emotional and funny you should give it a try. There is a lot happening in the film which will keep you engaged throughout and not bore you.

By-Preeti Dalal

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