Mootichoor Chakhnachoor is a small town love story of Pushpinder Tyagi and Annie.

Pushpendra Tyagi is a Dubai returned 36 year old, dark complexioned Bhopal boy who visits India every once in 3 years to find a bride but this time he left his job in Dubai to settle in India as he was feeling homesickness. This is a secret for everybody as Pushpinder has not told about his job to anyone. His mother always brags about a queue of girls standing to marry him as he works in Dubai but her stubbornness for getting a fat dowry from the bride’s family is an obstacle for Pushpinder’s marriage.

On the other side of the story is Annie,a tall and beautiful girl, also a neighbour of Pushpinder who is looking for a a man who can take her to settle in abroad after marriage. She has rejected lots of guys due to this wish. Failing to find this kind of man, Pushpinder Tyagi is the last choice left and therefore she convinces him and gets married without even informing their respective families. After getting married they come to the families and having no choice left both the families accept their marriage. After some time Pushpinder Tyagi receives a letter stating that he has been expelled from his job in Dubai to which he says that he has found a job in Bhopal and he doesn’t wish to go to Dubai. Hearing this Annie gets angry as all her plans to settle abroad has failed. Later Pushpinder receives letter of a job offer in Dubai but this time he refuses to which Annie resists. In a heated argument Pushpinder Tyagi slaps Annie and thereafter she stops talking to him so he leaves the house in midnight writing a letter behind for Annie which also had a plane ticket for Singapore. He left for Dubai but couldn’t go as it was hard for him to leave Annie and his mother Indu behind so he came back next morning. Till that time Annie realised her mistake and wanted Pushipendra back and when he came both of them reunited.

Directed by Debamitra Beswal the film is nicely paced throughout and the direction is good. In the first half the storyline is quite strong but it is a little loose in the second half as there are some disturbing and unwanted scenes.
Set in Bhopal the film is a good depiction of the middle class India and everything in the film is relatable starting from the dialogues to the the costumes to the mindset.

Athiya Shetty as Annie nailed the role by catching the Bundelkhandi accent like a pro. You will surely fall in love with her character. One can surely say that Athiya Shetty has come a far way from where she started in the film Hero. Her character this time was much more layered and deeply detailed.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui as usual gave a strong performance in a role of 36 year old man desiring to start his married life.

Although the film is predictable at some points but it is still enjoyable by the way it is treated and the cheap jokes worked in the film because of their deliverance and timing. The film also focuses on the issue of dowry and portrayed it in a negative way. But somewhere when Pushpendra Tyagi slapped Annie it supports the stereotype of a man having all the rights to slap his wife. Although Pushpendra apologized for this later but still left a remark on the audience that a slap is nothing much of a deal in a married life.

Overall the film is made to entertain you and make you laugh. All the actors gave good performances and did justice to their respective roles. Bundelkhandi accent worked out very well for the film. The film was relatable by the good dialogues. It is a worth watching family entertainer film. You have to be light hearted to enjoy the film.

By- Preeti Dalal


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