This short film is written by Mayank Yadav and Hemambika and directed by Mayank Yadav. It is a new instalment to the mothers and daughters series of Blush and Chhoti production in association with Indira IVF.
The short film is about the sweet and sour nature of a mother-daughter relationship.

In a sunny afternoon, the elder daughter is helping the mother in the kitchen by peeling peas. The mother asks about her career in teaching to which she replies that she is going to get promoted to teach higher secondary classes. To this, the mother congratulates her as she has been working hard for this. The daughter replies by saying that not having a child has its own perks. The mother tries suggesting some methods for this but was stopped by the daughter. The daughter also comes to know that the peas she is pealing will not be used for parathas for her instead it will be used to make the dish for her younger sister. Meanwhile, the sister comes in who is pregnant and expected to deliver a baby soon, therefore the mother is giving her more attention. Seeing this the elder daughter gets angry as she is not given importance only because she does not have any kid till now. Later the mother tries to convince her to go for test-tube babies. She agrees to this and the mother books an appointment for the same. Later the elder daughter comes to know that it was the plan of her sister and mother to convince her. And the film ends on a happy note.

The film which seems very intense in the starting very swiftly transfers into a joyful end.

The issue raised here is basic yet important. The elder daughter is overthinking about the issue and getting worried about it and then the mother comes to her rescue to support her. The daughter at one point says that they gave a thought to IVF but didn’t go ahead with it thinking what will people say. This is a very realistic situation as people in society often comment on such issues making others uncomfortable. In this situation, the mother plays an important role by supporting her daughter to take a decision which will be good for her without thinking about society.

These days the method of IVF is highly taken up by the entertainment industry by portraying it as a practical approach. The issue has been taken by the mainstream Hindi film industry in the film Good Newwz which got a positive response from the audience.

The film has beautifully shown the mother-daughter and siblings relationship in a positive light. It has shown how mothers have their own ways to convince their children and get the work done.

By-Preeti Dalal

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