In life, there comes a point when the equation of life changes its form to being a complicated one with many variables in it and we become busy finding their values. Just like a math problem, we don’t give up till we find the solution to the equation. As a kid, life was as simple as

Happiness = Life.

As time passes, and we come to a high school, the equation has another variable,

Studies + Happiness = Life,

where Studies = grades + projects + sports + art + drama – complaints*No of teachers.

Gradually, when the era of the graduation arrives, these variables add further to being

Happiness + Girlfriends + Baap ke paise (Dad’s Money) + Studies = Life

Where Studies = ∫Pampering the professors d(Studies) +∫Surviving the semesters d(Studies) + d(assignments)/d(friends)

But after all these, when you cross the gate of the college and enter to the pseudo-virtual world, you are introduced to a totally new equation which no school or college ever taught. This brings life to a newer equation:

Life(L) = [{ ∫Responsibilities sin(ωtL) d(L)+[∑ Happiness – d(stress)/dL]+ Money tan (ωtL)dL + d(Friends)/dL + |Family + Society | +   + …}Survival]Passion

Where Survival ≤ 1

                Passion = Real number (do what you love, love what you do)

And finally, here is what can make us successful:

Success (s) = Passion x Life

Every time you listen to motivational speakers, they talk about how to be successful, happiness, satisfaction and many more things. Sharing a success story talks about the strife faced and then finally the way they emerged as what they are. Their ‘Passion’ for their work fetched them the type of success they always thought of and their insanity to do what they love inspired them to do what they wanted.

As the equation of life says, the more you love your work, the more are your chances of being successful; the less you do love your work, the lesser are your chances. Having a close look at it, if you end up hating your work, your passion becomes negative and hence, your life itself falls down at a faster pace.

While most of the stories point towards success, there is one thing that they lived; which is a part of the story but is rarely talked about as a particular thing. That one thing is what you can see in the equation, ‘Survival’. A failure in life determined by the attitude one carries within his will. Your ability to be strong at the weakest point of your life defines the point at which you will stand at the end. Once you conceive the ability to survive and survive the moment which was made to break you, you don’t have to look back ever. That survival from the situation makes you capable to handle yourself much better with all the unexpected things you were gifted by life. Above intelligence, strength and hard work, the allocation of your resources and identifying them within you with their best management is what helps you survive.

After knowing that it is important to survive, why aren’t we taught how to survive?

We were only taught to be honest and true but everything else that we have inherited is what we chose to take from life. It is the way we dealt with the situation that has made us what we are. For every individual, the way differs and that makes a person what he is.

Finally, once you survive, you do your work with all your passion and work hard for it, finally you’re successful. Right?

“Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle: when the sun comes up, you’d better be running”. – Dan Montano

Most of the heroes of life have experienced the quote. After knowing that you have achieved what you have got, it is important to realise that the journey doesn’t end, the journey has actually started. After the survival of yourself begins the survival of your success. There are many examples where people who at the pinnacle today seem nowhere in the race after a span of time. It seems fun to live your dream but it’s not easy to live it lifelong. The only way you can survive your dream is by living the right type of dream. The dream that makes you do what you love.


‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.’ – Steve Jobs.


Once you start loving your work, you feel happy doing it. Not just doing it once, but doing it repeatedly too. The love for your work overshadows the impossibilities and negativity which makes you solution oriented with a positive breeze in your life. The strife of surviving gets converted to a journey of challenges and every challenge that you victor helps you reach a greater height.  If you are not able to fit to the ‘do what you love’ category, try to reach there somehow. If you feel that you can’t, it’s never late to ‘love what you do’. Unless you love whatever you are doing, you can never see opportunities in disguise. When you are in love with your soul mate, doesn’t the worst moment of your life pass easily when he/she is there to hold you?? That’s what works when you love your work. Do what you want, success will want you!!!

Love it, believe in it, have faith and no one can stop you conquer it.

Written by:

Aniket Pandya

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