Rachel Hamilton who is workaholic is dumped in the middle of her wedding by her boyfriend Owen as she gives more importance and time to her work rather than him. After Owen declares that he loves Rachel but can’t marry her, Rachel’s estranged father who is sitting in there gets up and runs out. Rachel also leaves the place and goes to her house. She joins the office next day surprising everyone there. In the evening her father calls her for a drink, but they continue till they got highly drunk. The next day when a driver comes to Rachel to pick her up for the honeymoon, she asks her father to accompany her as Owen is not there anymore and she wanted a company. When they woke up the next day, Rachel is clueless about the last night and her father explains her everything. Everyone on the cruise misunderstands them as a couple and they had to clear the confusion every time. 3 couples join with them with whom they later develop a bonding. The group helps them to solve their misunderstandings. The father-daughter have a great time on the cruise, all their misunderstandings are cleared. Rachel promises to visit her father in L.A but her promotion comes in between the plan so she cancelled the plan. Later when she is going to take a flight for a business trip, she cancels the business trip and goes to meet her dad in LA.

The film has a very unexpected start with Rachel attending phone calls related to her work even on her wedding day and then Owen stepping down from the wedding and Harry is also present to attend his daughter’s wedding whom he hasn’t seen in the past 25 years. These 3 things are wisely used to establish Rachel’s character and her past.

The story has lots of twists and turns throughout its duration. Lots of things are happening one after other which almost looks like a planned schedule. The film is quite engaging because of the turn of events and therefore it isn’t boring at any point in time. Although the story is fresh but it is predictable at certain points.

Kristen Bell has skillfully played the role of Rachel with the appropriate portrayal of emotions. Kelsey Grammar also does justice to his role as Harry. He is successful in portraying the heavy heart of a father. The supporting cast brings joy in the film. All the supporting characters are interesting and could have been given more screen time and importance.

The story is enjoyable, light-hearted but at some points, it looks unrealistic. There could have been more importance given to Harry’s personal and professional life details. The film justifies the title “Like Father” as both the father-daughter are workaholics. Their work has more important than people to each one of them at some point in life.

The film is surely a one time watch to have a fun time as it is not as emotional as expected by me. It is a light-hearted comedy-drama film with lots of happenings taking place throughout the film.

By-Preeti Dalal

Trailer- https://youtu.be/_bfqsNh6U7c

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