“…self-improvement is great. It’s gotten humanity pretty damn far. But the cult of constant self-improvement can rob us of satisfaction in our present moment. So I’m learning how to sit…”

~ Rupi Kaur

From the 2 minute promise of maggi to the high gigahertz speeds of smartphone processers, people with privileges are trying to wrap us in hamster wheels. If we ‘look’ then we can see that we are addicted to speed. We want things fast. Technology is so good, it helped us to grow what we are today. But, simultaneously it also pumped split doses of speed addiction in our nerves. Our hunger for more speed has increased exponentially after the grand entry of internet, and the big guys at wall street have done their job with utmost perfection. They have built massive tools on the foundation of our modern basic instinct of gaining more speeds in everything. These massive tools are the ones which control and direct the direction of the humanity’s roads today.

Technology has definitely intoxicated us for more and more speed but it is also an indomitable fact that it is necessary for smooth working of our world. The gripe I have is with the ‘motivation business’ going around us in the world. ‘Motivation gurus and pundits’ in numbers of thousands, around the world have only one work, i.e., hammer the audience for continuous self-motivation. I am not against this community. It sometimes encourages people in doing things they otherwise won’t think of doing. But, the grudge I have is with those self-proclaimed pundits who by mugging up a handful of ‘pinterest’ quotes, claim to be the go-to gurus for problems that people face.

Rupi Kaur explains soberly about the self-improvement circus and why she would avoid it this year, but the word here to focus on is the ‘cult’ of self-improvement. Yes, she is absolutely true, the self-improvement thing today has become more of a craze and less of a therapy. When you keep adding water to milk, it gets diluted, and if you keep spewing buckets, a point comes when no one buys that milk, cause it loses its value.

Same is the fate of self-improvement therapy. The hundreds and thousands of motivation pages, millions of self-help articles, and billions of human ‘advices’ across the planet has diluted the significance and importance of self-improvement therapy. Some really exceptional thinkers, authors, doctors, analysts and subject experts are worthy of being decorated as motivating entities who can with true knowledge and intentions help others to change their life courses. These experts work in their own space and are changing the people around them for better. Astute people in audience do follow these worthy experts for gaining real motivation and changing their life courses for better.

The ones who cram the quotes and sayings by these experts and trade them into the world for making the audience addicted to continuous self-improvement tonic are the real ripple-creators of troubles. The quotes and stories of self-motivation feel so nerve-stimulating and ecstatic that it is difficult to part with them once started reading and following them. Internet is a free dumpyard, so everyone keeps dumping self-help quotes and sayings on it, and people as dumbs in this dumpyard, read them and consciously try to relate them with their own life. This process of juxtaposing self-motivation quotes and stories, to one’s own life, is no doubt, a very satisfying(to ego) one, but it robs one from the reality of life.

Self-improvement circus is a big one, and thousands of individuals and organisations have benefited monetarily from it. These individuals have changed a therapy into an addictive tonic, used for intoxicating young minds with fairy tales and simultaneously stripping off the reality from them. Young minds get heavily influenced by this self-help gimmick, and in the process, end up losing the prime focus of their lives, the purposes which aren’t merely dreams but necessities for them, their families and their communities. Just to earn handsome money, some worthless people and groups have made us hamsters climb the wheels of self-improvement. And the interesting part is that we love running in the wheel deliberately made for us to run, run faster, and run infinitely. It’s high time, we analyze everyone and everything and then find real motivators and subject-matter experts to follow and get inspired from them in our lives.

Self-improvement is a self-help therapy, and it has been and is still being  sincerely helpful to humans around the world unshackling them from their mental barriers and pave a good life course for themselves. But it is when greed takes over to some people, this therapy is being used for sheer money-making purposes. 

These people created a substance which could addict people, then they used it to addict them, and now are encashing on it for millions. Lust of money is real, and we can find it in these types of greedy businesses which use people as a means for monetary profits. The underlying monstrous risk which these businesses create is that, they are creating a fragile generation of brittle-minded people who can get temporarily steroidal by fake motivation and then get deflated by petty things (eg. Twitter trolling).

We all have been deliberately rinsed under the spell of things which aren’t viable and relatable in real life. Just open facebook, instagram, twitter walls and we can see (if we really ‘watch-out’) that majority of news and matters are absurdly deserted from realities. Deliberately keeping people away from reality is treasurable for firms, because controversies create money. And if firms for digging gold have to imply subterfuge, they would, and that too shamelessly. All the corporate wisdom and principles are entertained in books, but the decisions are driven by sheer profits. And profits are such beauties which can make anyone go wild, no matter how wise or intellectual. Money making is the sole purpose of firms and individuals in the motivation world, helping others has been eschewed by them in every possible way.

A lack of education is at the foundations of these dreamy troubles. We intentionally haven’t been provided with high quality education, so that we can be whirlpooled into trivial bogus things whenever ‘they’ want.

After all, we have been fooled till now on many matters, and we won’t even realize it. Education is the only magical stick which can convert this entrapment into realization. Education is the only magical broom which can carry us away from this clart towards blue sea. Self-education is the only armour(not weapon) which will protect us from the muskets of greedy mortals. Having a Bond’s eye on the information and news we get bombarded by everyday has to be a norm for us. Asking and entertaining of factual matters has to be our duty.

Anyways, controversies lead to money and concord leads to penury. That’s the ‘true’ reality of today’s businesses and journalism.

But, once Julian Assange said ‘If journalism is good, it is controversial, by its nature.’

Hmm, that’s controversial now. Something to ponder upon…

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