“ I am such a lunatic ,that I m even free in a Jail..”

-Shaheed Bhagat singh- A Great Legend

Liberation,Independence , Freedom ,breaking the bars,…What exactly is freedom..? Is it the will to act according to your own guts,…?or is the Courage to Live life on your own terms..? For normal people…including me,the above Words Said By the great legend,Bhagat Singh is an Enigma..How could someone be free in a jail.? ??

Paradoxically ,I believe ,independence , is an hypothetical term.No human being on Earth is an independent being..Every being on Earth, whether living or non living, smallest or largest, whether knowing or unknowing..is connected to each other directly or indirectly, as said, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”, in the Great Hindu Literature ,the Upanishads, meaning whole world is a Family. We are like the fibre of a cloth.When a thread somewhere is pulled or broken it affects the whole fabric.According to me what the great Legend,the young heart ,full of fire,the greatest Individual, just a lad of 23 years….meant to say is “ individuality”, the consciousness of our own existence…the realization that “I exist “ is independence or freedom.And the confidence, that no body can take it from you ,and the courage to take the stand for this self existence and the love and acceptance for the self being along with all the flaws and, the pride with which you carry even your weirdest flaw.

I believe,the best gift,in any serious relationship,whether it be parent-child, husband wife, or any other form, is the acceptance of their existence, their individuality, the space where their existence can breathe and grow in a positive way.If things seem to be negative, their might be a reason, a wrong turn, which leads to the wrong path..because weeds grow, when the ground doesn’t have enough attention, or you can say utilization. You cannot change someone without their consent, you can just direct their energy in the right direction. Forcefully, either you can suppress them ,or break them, and be ready for the worst to happen,, The retaliation or the disintegration of the bond on a very negative note.

And as it is said,

” Love is not shackling someone, Love is Liberation.”

And so liberation ….can be called Love..


  1. Very well said,
    The base of every strong and healthy relationship, by giving individual space and freedom to choose.

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