Liar Liar is just another film of Jim Carrey where he proves it again that he can go any extent to make his audience laugh. This 1997 American comedy-drama film is about Fletcher who is a successful defence lawyer has a habit of lying to get out of any unwanted situation. Fletcher and Audrey Reede are parents of their 5yr old son Max.

Max waiting for Fletcher

Fletcher loves spending time with Max and they both play a game where Fletcher raises his hand like a claw and runs after Max. Tired by his father’s habit of lying, Max made a birthday wish according to which his father would not be able to lie for 1 day(24hrs). Apparently, his wish comes true and Fletcher was not able to Lie like before. His inability to Lie bothered him a lot as he had to lose many relationships with different people. It even affected his court case of his client Samantha Cole.

Audrey with Fletcher and with Jerry

On the other hand, Audrey Reede decides to move to Boston with Max and boyfriend Jerry. But Fletcher realises his mistake on time and risks his life to stop Max from going to Boston and was successful in it.

Jim Carrey as Fletcher is unbelievably excellent in this film. He did some extraordinary things while trying to speak a lie, when he was unable to do so- like hurting himself and doing things like a mad man.

The film also subtly talks about family relations and values and teaches us a good lesson about how important our families are to us and we should never take them for granted.

The treatment of the film by director Tom Shadyac is very good as this idea of a wish coming true is nicely executed in the film and it gets hard to control yourself from laughing and getting amused at the same time.

This concept is properly timed with the court case of Samantha Cole to provide a proper storyline to the film.

With comedy, emotions and relations are also given their deserved importance through the medium of a father-son relationship.

If you also want to laugh then watch it. The film may be old but will not fail to make you laugh. OLD IS GOLD

Max making The Wish

By-Preeti Dalal



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