A theatre is a unique form of performing art, it shows the authenticity of a situation and enlightens the message which an individual wants to convey to the people out there. Theatre is the most prominent medium between the performers and the audience since its establishment. It’s, of course, the tool for self-expression. Your ideas, feelings, thoughts, emotions are expressed in a way that makes the people wonder how beautiful it would feel to let it all out. Keeping it within you will create chaos inside you, which will destroy your inner self. Acting involves expressing various emotions inside you and using them precisely. A performer has to enact a character who’s personality totally differs from their own. What does the actor do in that case? The actor goes through the script, reads the story, understands the character- how the character is? How it behaves and studies the aspects of the character. Then comes the most crucial thing, the actor then practices the character where he/she must know where and when they need to let their emotions out. After practicing over and over they finally ace the character and represent themselves as the character. In the step where they practice, they convey themselves that they are the character, they empathise with the character. The most beautiful thing about the performers is how ravishingly they bring the character to life through the expression of emotions and thoughts. Once a performer starts revealing the emotions in front of the audience, it builds up their self-esteem and encourages their creativity and risk-taking factor.

Different facial expressions for different emotions (Source: Google)

Theatre provides a safe and comfortable space where an actor or a performer can open-up to themselves as well as the audience. Emotions are often uncontrollable, also titled as spontaneous, they just happen. One of the toughest steps in the way of becoming a skilled actor is developing the ability to showcase dramatic emotion. Humans feel alive, explore, and experience various emotions in their life. One needs to know when and where they have to let those emotions out and through which medium they can. The answer is visual arts. It helps a person to express themselves truly, who they are, and what they can be. It takes a lot of courage for one to stand up on that stage and showcase their talent in front of public. Many stutters or stumble but then they get up and face it with much more confidence. Many researchers have seen actors whose real life has been affected through acting in theatre. One actor said that “When my character is sad, I am sad ‘When my character is lonely, I too feel lonely”. Why does this happen? Actors create emotions understanding the nature of the character despite their own behaviour or personality. There is a thin line between an actor’s real life and reel life, even the slightest shift between the two will create turmoil within an individual’s life. Not all your emotions are meant to be let out, some are kept within to avoid the mishap it may cause out there. One should learn how to let their emotions out in an efficient way.

Let me share a few tips with you on how you can play strong emotions:

Separate yourself from your character: Sometimes you act and behave in the way your character does in the play, it’s not because you are so into your character but it’s because of your subconscious, the human brain can play tricks in various ways. When you do things much often or act in a way more on daily basis it becomes a tendency which does not go away easily. First things first, you need to sort out your personal and professional lives. Keep your personal box of emotions and thoughts on one corner of your brain and professional on the other side. This is easier when you do it from the start, it may be difficult to separate both when you can recognize the signs of upcoming chaos.

Use affirmations: Affirmations such as ‘Well, I can do this’, ‘So what it’s a new character, I will ace it’. Using positive affirmations will definitely help and build confidence within you. It also helps in self-expression. Even using rants helps. A rant is when you talk in a wild or passionate way about something. They help in building strong emotions and characters. For instance, anger emotion – you rant about something which rises your temper or irritate or disguise you. for sad emotion – you think and rant about something which made you feel lonely and upset.

Meditate: Trust me this is the best tool, it’s tried and tested by most people and it shows the best outcomes. It may be boring at first or maybe you must have taken a nap instead of meditating but with practice and concentration, you will feel relaxed and light, which will let your emotions out in a more efficient way. There are many methods of mediation, pick one, spare a few minutes before the performance and you’ll definitely ace your performance and will help you with your flow of emotions and expressions during your performance.

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