I recall when I saw the trailers for this film, I figured it would be a pitiful however sweet romantic tale and that’s it. And keeping in mind that it is that it brings a lot more flare and magnificence that I could never have anticipated from this. It took me three years to see it and it far out shone any expectation I had. La La Land is a cinematic marvel. It’s nostalgia, meticulousness and joy captured my heart and earned itself the title of one of the best musicals of all time.

We live in a critical world and Damien Chazelle’s hypnotizing sentimental melodic is exactly what you have to illuminate the dull days. Set in contemporary occasions, radiating with good faith and absorbed wistfulness, the old- fashioned romance, pulls at your heartstrings with its relevance and simplicity. It reminds you who you were before failures made you practical.

Chazelle’s riveting narrating and Stone-Gosling’s tremendous exhibitions cause you to relive the nervous excitement of first love and the overwhelming feelings of broken dreams. This lyrical masterpiece of art breathes life into each visionary’s dream and fears. It recreates ‘Hollywood film enchantment’, directly from the astounding single-take opening tune (Another Day of Sun), where drivers sing and dance atop their cars on a clogged LA freeway.

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall – seasons connote the highs and lows in Mia and Sebastian’s seemingly idyllic relationship. Life may not work out the manner in which you’d desired yet genuine romance makes it worthwhile- this message lies at the heart of Chazelle’s basic but soul-stirring tale. The basic clash between expectations, wishes and reality never appeared to be so genuine. In spite of the fact that the film is hopelessly romantic, it’s similarly relatable. You can see yourself through the eyes of its powerless heroes, making their story, your own.

Interestingly, Justin Hurwitz’s soulful music is an extension of the characters’ state of mind. Sung by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, ‘City of Stars’ is a classic melancholy tune that’s bound to melt your heart.

“The performances and chemistry between the lead actors is remarkable. Gosling shines as a prickly Jazz purist, who conceals his emotions while Stone stands out as the sparkly girl, whose eyes speak a million words. Together they are magical and so is this eternal love ballad that will change the way you look at life.”

The film is a genre defying masterpiece which I would recommend to anyone a fan of musicals or not. It’s colorful joyfulness is a sight to see.

By Rajrita Chattopadhyay

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