Na koi Tarang hai na koi Umang hai, meri Zindagi bhi kya ek Kati Patang hai-this beautiful dialogue by Kamal was only intended to describe his life but it was amazing to see how it was equally applicable to Madhu’s life as well.

This 1971 film was adapted from the novel of the same name by Gulshan Nanda. The story was also based on the novel ‘I Married a Dead Man‘ by Cornell Woolrich upon which the film ‘No Man of Her own’ was produced in 1950. This film was amongst the 17 consecutive hits of Rajesh Khanna at the box office between 1969 and 1971.

1)Last moments of Poonam.
2)Madhu becomes Poonam

This is a story of an orphaned girl who became the reason for her maternal uncle’s suicide as she ran away from her wedding to her boyfriend only to find that he was cheating on her with Shabnam. Poonam, Madhu’s friend with whom Madhu was going to Nainital, lost her limbs in a train accident and before dying took a promise from Madhu that she will take care of her baby boy Munna and take the identity of Poonam and go to her in-laws in Nainital. Reaching Nainital Madhu meets Kamal with whom her wedding was fixed earlier and she founds out that he is Poonam’s husband’s childhood friend who is also a neighbour. Both fell in love with each other and after a series of dramatic events finally got together.

1)Kailash accusing Madhu.
2) Madhu and Kamal finally get together

This film is an epitome of great dialogues as each character has impactful dialogues like: Aandhi mei udte hue patte ko kya malum…usse kahan se kahan bhatakna hai (Madhu), Jab ghar ki jawan bahu bahar rang raliyan manati phire …toh budhe sasur ko neend kaise aa sakti hai( Poonam’s father in law), Kavita se mann ko behlaya ja sakta hai..samjhaya nahi ja sakta(Madhu).

Aaj na chhodenge song

This film stands against the stereotype about widow remarriage as Kamal was ready to marry Poonam(who was actually Madhu) according to whom she was a widow. Poonam’s father in law also supported her to socialize with people and go out and enjoy her life, which was not expected by widows in India in earlier times.
These days feminists are of the opinion that Hindi film Industry does not respect women and they get smaller roles with less screen timing as compared to their male counterparts, but Kati Patang stands opposite to this opinion as Asha Parekh had a major role in the film and in fact much bigger role than the superstar Rajesh Khanna himself. She did justice with her role and was successful in emoting different emotions, and expressing the dilemmas through which she was going (as Madhu) with her expressions.

Jis gali mei tera ghar song

This film has a collection of superhit evergreen songs like “Ye Shaam Mastani, Aaj na chodenge and Pyaar diwana hota hai”, most of them in the voice of Lata Mangeshkar and Kishore Kumar. These songs are an important part of the film as they take the story forward and engage the audience much more in the film and take them through a journey of emotions. Rajesh Khanna as Kamal plays the role of a real gentleman who is grounded and is a perfect man a lady could ever ask for.

Directed by Shakti Samantha, this 2h 41min this film tells a long complicated story of Madhu and Kamal with the utmost ease.

Pyaar diwana hota hai song

By-Preeti Dalal

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