Even today we see the legacy of theatre still going. Why does it still exist in a world of web series? There are many reasons why theatre still exists and will remain so and hold a special place in every individual’s heart. Today’s youth uses the term ‘self-expression’ quite often, and are determined to change the world according to their perception. Theatre not only works as a medium for expressing their feelings to the world but also helps in their social and personal development. Researches have been done on how youth theatre influences young people, many researchers found that theatre influences them in many areas which results in improved confidence, improved performance skills, more friends by improved ability to make friends, improved ability to be themselves, greater open-mindedness, ability to understand and work with other people, improved ability to express leading to increased happiness. The world is falling apart but it’s today’s youth that is determined to build a better world for the future generation. Already have much going on in their life, young people at this age go through various changes, where their emotions are heightened and are meant to be let out. If not, then young people will be as similar as ticking bombs, who will blast whenever one lights their tip. If their efforts are valued and their voices are heard, they will definitely bring a positive change in this world.

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What does a Theatre provide that made a huge impact on youth? A Theatre is not only a platform for entertainment but provides youth an opportunity to explore and express thoughts and feelings, experiences, attitudes, and behaviours that they have inhibited from doing in their day-to-day lives. Performing is an important aspect that helps them express and manage difficult feelings. When one acts they learn to express their emotions while playing the role which they may or may not be similar to. Once they let those sensations showcase to the world, they feel light and free from distress. Theatre also allows them to explore characters different from themselves and different parts of the human experience. Theatre helps them grow personally. Apart from their growth and development, youth considers theatre as a fun element in their life. They believe it’s fun to act and enjoy the process. Also, some take part because they love theatre. There are many reasons why one loves theatre such as you can be someone you’re not, get to wear costumes and heavy makeup, can make the audience laugh. Above all theatre is an immersive experience, whether watching a show or being a part of one, theatre performances can’t help but draw you in.

Over the years, amazing theatre artists have emerged in Indian cinema. In recent times we have witnessed more newcomers showcasing their talents. Few new generation actors who’ve carried forward their journey from theatre to film sets are: Swara Bhaskar, one of the finest actors, well-known for her outspoken nature talks about how before acting in films she was associated with N. K. Sharma’s “Act One” theatre group in Delhi. She also talks about her theatre days in JNU where she was pursuing a master’s in sociology. Even though she is seen as a supporting actress in most films, she portrays great confidence as an actor.

The dashing and one of the most talented actors- Vicky Kaushal, an actor who employs his theatre techniques in his roles. Before acting in films, he was actively involved in theatre and performed with renowned theatre artists.

Another interesting celebrity is Radhika Apte, a well-known Indian theatre and film actress who has been connected with Marathi theatre and other well-known troupes. Apart from films, Radhika Apte makes it a point to stand for various causes and is quite open about society’s double standards, when it comes to women.

Theatre is collective, inclusive, and immersive. It allows you to be both present and escape at the same time. Theatre is free, mistakes can happen and can be turned into something even better. It’s not mindless like binge-watching TV but requires imagination. So why can’t you be a part of the theatre? Come join us and be a part of this amazing journey of joy, happiness, and exploration. Theatre welcomes young minds with wide hands.

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