This is a Royal Stag Barrel Select Large short film about one sided love.
Hari goes to a Ramlila and sees Samidha/Sam playing the role of Mata Sita and falls in love with her. He tells his mother about the same to which her mother says that she is the daughter of a family friend and she would take forward the talk about fixing their marriage.

As told by her mother they go to Samidha’s house to talk about the same. When Samidha and Hari are talking, she tells Hari to say no for the wedding as she loves Madhav and that Madhav wants some more time to talk about their relationship with his parents. Hari decides to help Sam by saying yes to the marriage so that he could take Sam to meet Madhav. He used to take her to Madhav and then drop him home and this continued for 7 months after which their wedding day arrives. Both of them dresse up and then decide to elope so that Hari could take Sam to Madhav’s house. The same happens but when they reach Madhav denies and simultaneously Sam decides that Hari’s love will not remain one sided as he was the right one for him. The story ends here, but Sam has not yet confessed about her feelings to Hari and Hari has not told about Madhav’s decison to Sam. The story ends with the…to be continued note.

The first thing which comes to our mind about short film is that it would be serious or intense and maybe sad. This is not the case with this film. The narration of the story by Hari in pure hindi and the background music makes the film light hearted. The use of Hindi by Hari and Sam getting confused by that adds an funny element.
Kinshuk Sen as Hari has nailed the role by his innocence, fluency in speaking hindi and his tone of narration.
Pavitra Mattoo as Sam has also delivered a good performance with right amount of confidence and attitude.The film gives an important message that we should not just think of chasing our dreams all the time, instead, we should also try to complete the dreams of our loved ones.
It also shows what true love is all about. It’s not about harming yourself after rejection but it’s about finding happiness in the happiness of the the person you love.

By- Preeti Dalal

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