The Love Anthem of 2020 for the Gujaratis was the song of the movie Safalta 0 km. The beautiful song is composed by Veeral-Laavan, sung by Laavan Gone and mesmerising lyrics are written by Vaibhav Desai..

Vaibhav Desai – a well-known name in the field of theatre: an established director, actor, writer, producer and now, a lyricist. His written song, Aankhon ni andar, has been nominated for the People’s Choice Awards. In a conversation with team Aniradichita, the actor-director shares his journey of being a lyricist. ” Lavan was playing a songwhile jamming and he passed a tune to me, i was given the tasl to write a song on his tune, i remember him saying ‘Practising theatre and your reading skills, has gifted you an amazing vocabulary, you should really give a shot’. Withinn ten minutes of listening to this composition i had written these lines- ankhon ni andar vasta nagar ma, koi ek chehro harkat kare che”.

Vaibhav Desai from his play “K Katal no ‘K'”

Since then, he has written lyrics for many movies. The song was orignally written for the music director duo Veeral-Lavan, when the director of the movie Akshay Yagnik heard the song, he decided to keep the song in the movie by listening to the first initial lines itself.

A still from the song ‘Aankhon ni Andar’

The song uses various figures of speech such as alliteration, personification separately and combined which gives a beautiful message. He told us that every song in itself is a story and the song should like a story and end like one. listen to the song here:

Vaibhav Desai has won over fourteen awards for his theatre productions as actor, director and writer. When asked how did theatre help him to write as a lyricist, he beautifully answered that he had given background music in over 35 different plays, which helped him develop his sense of music. As a director and actor his visualization and creativity grew and got the finest edge. His evolution as a lyricst was a result of these combined artforms.

Vaibhav Desai

On special request, he agreed to share his creation in entirity. Have a look:

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