22nd January 2021, Mr Harold D’Souza, a human traffic survivor and Co-Founder and President of Eyes Open International, will be chairing an online session ‘Human Trafficking: A survivor’s Story’ organised by helpingtraffickedpersons.org developed by MCIS Language Solutions. Mr Harold will be sharing his experience for awareness of the current scenario of human trafficking and how can one get help. His story is a live example of survival and freedom from 133 months of struggle.

Mr D’Souza, originally from India, was a victim of Human Trafficking. The American dream of being successful and luxury is what was promised to him when he left the banking job in India and fly to the United States of America. What he did not expect was to find himself in a situation that was completely opposite to the dream that he was expecting. What led to 11 years of mordern day slavery later and a fight to get out of it; made him what he is today. His journey has not been any less than a Hollywood movie in action. It has the ups and downs of struggle and in the end the hero makes it to success.

Mr Harold D’Souza in a candid conversation with His Highness Maharaja of Rajpipla

His fight for justice led him to become the (Former) Member on Board, United States Advisory Council on Human Trafficking initially appointed by President Obama and re-appointed by President Trump. He is the co-founder of ‘Eyes Open International’ – a Non-Profit having its presence over 5 countries that is currently working to help and raise awareness about Human Trafficking that is prevalent in the world.

Mr D’Souza is working diligently in raising awareness in the field of Human Trafficking. His goal is prevention, protection, education and empowerment of society members who are struggling to make ends meet who are vulnerable.

Mr Harold D’Souza with Ivanka Trump

In the online session that he will be addressing on 22nd January 2021, he will be talking about how a person may fall in the trap of Human trafficking, how to identify if somebody is being trafficked and how to get out of the trap. He shall address some crucial points that will help prevention and surviving such a situation. The online session shall be conducted on the zoom platform and there are no ticket charges for the same but registration for the event is necessary. Registration can be done online on eventbrite.com. The one-hour session shall be conducted at 12:00 PM EST.

Here is the link for registering: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/human-trafficking-a-survivors-story-tickets-133900141929

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