In the Oscar dictionary, an Indian Film means Foreign Language film, more clearly-the films other than English language will be considered as a foreign language film. The submission rules, the formality of a foreign language film entry to the Oscars is much different from a normal submission process.

How To submit an Indian Film To the Oscars? – The Process

General Info

The pre-selection of an Indian film to the Oscars will be decided by the Film Federation of India (Apex Body of Film Industry in India). They will select the films on the basis of the mandatory criteria that suggested by the Oscar jury.

Eligibility & Rule

  1. Films that are produced in between October 1, last year to September 10 current year, are eligible for the submission to the Oscars.
  2. The Film must have a censored certificate, offered by the central board of film certification.
  3. All the films must have English subtitles in according with the original sound track.
  4. Submit your film before 17th September to the Film Federation of India, they will preview the film and consider for the Oscars entry, if it seems good.

Submission Fees

The Submission fee, for the pre-selection to the Oscars, is required to pay a non refundable sum of Rs 50,000/-

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