Everyone loves cinema, who doesn’t? there are so many genres one can watch and the variety in movies plus you get to see your favorite actors, well this is a full-time entertainment medium for so long. It has evolved through years and ever year it gets better from technological aspects to the mesmerizing plots and soulful music, cinema has come become a perfect fit for today’s world by keeping up with the trends. What makes cinema such a huge success? Of-course the group of people working behind it, but who they are working for? The Viewers- people who crave for entertainment, you will find different genre lovers in a single house so imagine the people around the world. One thing audience always appreciate and gets attracted to is the uniqueness of ever film, every film depicts a different story and leaves an impact in the viewer’s life for a long time. tell me one thing, have you ever adored a film so much that you have seen it so often that you even know each damn dialogue of the film? What’s the reason for this obsession? Reasons maybe you felt a connection from the story line or got a great maybe be different vibe from the film or you simply just fell in love the actor or actress of the film. Reasons might differ but the thing is once you watch a satisfying film, it makes you feel satisfied and happy. Cinema is an entertainment source which does wonders in your life as well as people around you. Writer before writing the story imagines the scenario of how the people will react when it will be released, one needs to consider all the trends, societal norms and the culture of the viewers. A slightest misunderstanding creates chaos among people and destroys the society.

Viewers have criteria for watching movies such as if one member of the family prefers rom-com and other prefer thriller, they must have their reasons why they love those genres. A good movie inspires people also entertains and educate people. Movies such as 3 idiots by Rajkumar Hirani, which tells us that life isn’t about whether you come first or not but about what excites you the most. It inspires us to follow our dreams, and educates parents and teachers who force their children and students in the rat race to see who gets the cheese first. On the other side rom-com movies may seem cheesy but they remind us how important love is in our life, how far one can go for love? The obstacles two individual faces in their journey of love. How one can fall in love with someone they never thought they will. For instance, look at Naina and Kabir’s story from Yeh Jawani Hai Dewani, Naina, the studious girl never in her wildest dreams thought about falling in love with the reckless Kabir but she did eventually. There are also movies that make you laugh so hard that will ache your tummy. Hera Pheri is one of the best comedy films and most hilarious film. There are also films which are educational and help generate awareness among young people. Even crime movies or shows which warns individual’s how to protect themselves and people around us. Some films and television show takes the concepts like substance abuse, domestic abuse, rape culture and other evils in a society and creates an awareness about what a victim actually goes through and how the world reacts to It and how one individual can take a step and bring the change. Cinema never fails to entertain their viewers but also makes great changes in an individual’s life, but those changes are not always the positive ones. Some movies can also lead to an extend where an individual’s life is completely destroyed or creates a new evil in the society. Let me take the newest example of the movie Kabir Singh which was the remake of south Indian movie Arjun Reddy, it’s a love story but here it’s the typical cozy love but it’s a crazy love story. Where according to the lead actor, he can slap her woman and also love her at the same time. Well, one may accept this or not violence is violence you can’t just categorize that thing under of what people say ‘Madly in Love’. Movie showed the stereotypical breakup phase where if a girl leaves you, one ends up destroying their lives with drugs and alcohol. These you see is not what a love story is. No doubt the songs were good but that doesn’t make the movie worth watching. It influences the budding youth in a bad way and they get the wrong idea about what a relationship is and is there is distress in their life it can’t be solved through smoking and drinking on daily basis, trust me doesn’t make you a ‘cool’ guy. There also movies which amaze you every time you watch it and fell in love with. It’s just about picking the right movie which would help you nor ruin you.

Hence, It’s genuinely certain that motion pictures influence society without a doubt. Not just that, they shape the world we live in and help people develop. In a larger perspective, it very well may be too soon to state how. Everything individuals can currently do is think basically and not permit movies to completely change what their identity is.

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