Animated movies have a special place in everyone’s heart since forever. All of us grew up watching these movies and still do without a doubt. What makes these movies so interesting? Well, the animations, of course! We always wonder who got this unique idea of giving motion to an inanimate object. The animation is an art. The small moments such as moving cars or jumping ball can also be considered as animation. A person who specializes in creating animation is known as Animators. But wait a minute, from when exactly this actually began?

Animation started long before the cinematography’s establishment. Animations were different during the initial years, it has gone through many changes due to the new technologies in the world and of course the great minds working for it. Animated movies kicked off first in the 1900s, J. Stuart Blackton is also known as the Father of Animation, made a silent animation film- The Enchanted Drawing, which was shot in Thomas Edison’s Black Moria studio in New Jersey. The film is a combination of silent film and stop-motion animation. It is nothing fancy but was enough to catch the viewer’s attention. J. Stuart returned with the first animation recorded on standard picture film- Humorous Phases, the artist here draws the portraits of the characters on the blackboard before they begin any interactions with each other.

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The Enchanted Drawing (Source: Google)

Émile Cohl was a French caricaturist who made the first fully animated cartoon with no live-action. It was a 2-minute long film made from 700 Drawing, it is an example of traditional animation. Ever heard about Steamboat Willie? The movie was a huge success and used sound for the first time. It starred Mickey in it, but it wasn’t his debut. But it was the first animated movie that made Mickey Mouse popular. In the 1930s, Warner Bros introduced Looney tunes which were created by Disney. It was an instant success and grabbed the attention of a large number of viewers. It was the first animated movie to win an Academy Award. Many other famous characters were created during this period such as Popeye the Sailor and Daffy Duck. A few years later, the evolutionary film- King Kong was created. It earned a place in the history of the evolution of animated movies. It had the most advanced unseen stop motion animated characters. After Walt Disney created the first-ever full-length animated movie- Snow White and the seven dwarfs, One Hundred and One Dalmatians was the first full-feature film by Disney.

10+ Years Later: WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, Much More Than a Spine-tingling  Visual Knock-out
A still from Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Source: Google)

Who Framed Roger Rabbit, was the first film which featured live-action along with the animated characters. It is a major milestone in the animated industry. The most amazing part of the film is it has Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse together in a scene. After that many more amazing and unrealistic films came into the industry. Jurassic Park movie made the use of animations, CGI to create photo-realistic unseen creatures and stop-motion. It took almost a year to create 4-minute computer-generated dinosaurs. Almost after two years, Pixar came out with the first entirely computer-generated film- Toy Story. The movie made a good impact in the 3D animation industry and was also nominated for Academy awards for best original screenplay. The second part of the trilogy of The Lord of the Kings showed the till which extent the CGI and motion picture is capable of. The film showed the character Gollum that would feature along with the actors, which was surreal. Next comes the epic science fiction Avatar, which has highly advanced CGI as well as motion picture techniques. It brings the alien characters to life.

The Banyan Deer: India's First Animated Movie in Colour Released in 1957
The Banyan Tree (Source: Google)

Animated movies have come a long way in the world so as in India. The first Indian animated work released in a theatre was The Pea brothers directed by Gunamoy Banerjee, it was released on 23rd June 1934 in Calcutta. The film was 3-4 minutes long and used black and white pictures. Dadasaheb Phalke, known as the father of Indian cinema, was also the first Indian animator. In 1912, he made the first animated film- The Growth of a Pea Plant through stop-motion animation. The Banyan Deer was the first Indian animated movie, which was released in 1959 directed by Govind Saraiya, Ahmed Lateef, Shanti S. Verma. Then after a Japanese & Indian filmmaker together made an epic animated movie ‘Ramayana- The Legend of Prince Rama’ which gained massive attention from the viewers throughout the country, even abroad. Animated movies in India have evolved much in the past few years, major works are The Adventures of Sinbad, Mahabharat, Jumbo, Roadside Romeo, Delhi safari, and much more. India has embraced the idea of creating animations to the next level and strives to do so.

From Sketches to entirely computerized characters, animation has come a long way. There have been many obstacles between the journey but somehow the animation industry survived and overcame those. It’s the hard work of the creative minds and the people working for it, who knows how many unseen or unreal things we might see in the future. Let’s get ready for it !

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