Maa Bombay se Delhi se Kolkata se Madras se Singapore Hongkong se New York se Rome Paris se jo bhi tourist aata hai station pe utarke ke kya puchta hai? Raju Guide kaha hai Raju guide kaha hai”-with these great lines Raju gives his self-introduction and at that moment you get ensured about the rest of the film.

Directed by Vijay Anand, Tad Danielewski and produced by Dev Anand The film was released on 6 Feb 1965 and was amongst the biggest hit films and the 5th highest grossing film of that time. the film is based on the novel The Guide by RK Narayan. This films travels through the genres of Drama, Music and Romance.
Raju, a famous guide in the city of Udaipur is liked and appreciated by every tourist who visits Udaipur. His talent to speak many languages like Gujarati, Bengali, and Punjabi helps him to efficiently communicate with tourists from all over the world. Raju falls in love for Rosie who is the wife of an archaeologist Marco. Stuck in an unhappy marriage Rosie gets Raju’s support and appreciation for her dancing about which the society has a bad image as Rosie was the daughter of a courtesan. Rosie breaks her marriage with Marco and starts to live with Raju who after sometime proposed to her. Rosie adopted the name of Nalini for professional use as she persuaded a carrier in dancing and Raju became his manager. Things were going in the right direction when a mountain of misunderstandings came between them and separated the two and Raju was imprisoned for 2yrs for faking Rosie’s signature. A new birth was taken by Raju guide when he came out of jail and wandered here and there till the time a person from a village misunderstood him as a Sadhu(holy man), after which Raju resided there and went through a tough time before death.

1) Rosie with Raju Guide 2) Rosie with Marco

People have praised the film for its outstanding direction, but I believe that the music by S. D. Burman, lyrics by Shailendra, editing by Vijay Anand and Babu Sheikh, Cinematography by Fali Mistry and dialogues by Vijay Anand are equally magnificent.

The amazing synthesis between the music and the scenes takes the film to another level. Songs like “Waha kaun hai tera” and “Kya se kya ho gaya” forces you to sympathies with Raju and on the contrary a song like “Aaj fhir jeene ki Tamanna hai” fills your heart with joviality. The lyrics, music and the voice of Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammed Rafi and Kishor Kumar combined with the scenes have made the songs timeless and this is the reason why they are still remembered even after more than 5 decades.

The splendid acting of Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman makes you believe that what you see on screen is a truth and not just a fiction story. These days monologues are in trend but in my opinion no monologue can surpass the monologues of Raju Guide.

The film was taken to a very high peak at the time of the climax and it has the ability to compel even you to pray for rain and the well being of Raju. As for me, the most heart touching moment was when Raju said “Parmatma ye Mujhe tera bacha samjhte hai ur tu mujhse itna duur, meri na sahi inki sunle, mere praan lele”. In this scene the flawless acting of Dev Anand leaves you speechless. At the end of the film, it was difficult to hold back tears when Raju guide guided himself to heaven leaving Rosie, his mother and villagers in utmost grief.

Words could fell short describing Guide, as this is one of the best films produced in Indian cinema.

The two phases of Raju’s life.

Fun fact: Waheeda Rehman was so passionate about her dancing that she even told Dev Anand that-“please you can cut my acting scenes but do not cut my dances”.
By – Preeti Dalal

By-Preeti Dalal

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