I often meet people of different ages, culture, background and taste. During a recent Theatre Workshop, I came across some creative upcoming artists with different set of skills in them. One of them is Janki. With a total different perspective, she sees the world with her own vision. She not only has the guts to do this. but at the same time, she is tender enough to feel. She just passed her 10th STD. When she was talking about her hobby as a writer, I thought she also would be one amongst the many who make attempts to write well on different quote apps. When I started reading her diary, I found it to be a trove – jewels in the form of stories, songs and poems. I was fortunate enough to be able to read some of her works and I am sharing one of her songs here.

Girlie Sacrifice…

Life of a girl,

Is not so easy.

Facing hardships and sorrow;

Pain and Gain

Being a princess, Of her parents;

Is not so easy.

Being a princess, Of her parents;

Is not so easy.

Being a girl is full of hardships.

She has to make sacrifices,

Even though she is princess

Being a girl is not so easy.

Having a pain of leaving her parents you lucky men.

Give a child birth is so painful;

You will never understand, O you lucky men.

And although knowing these all you make her cry;


Why everyone says ‘cry like girls?’

Why everyone don’t say that

‘Girls don’t make us cry’

O lucky men.

You will never know

The pain of girl.

Till her last breath

She looks after family

Also after cruelty of her in-laws;

She looks after you.

Being a girl is not a curse –

Its precious,

Because being a girl,

Is not easy!

A Song by:

Janki V Patel


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