Sometimes when a new movie releases, you wonder where have you heard the name or the story of the film. It’s either you must have read the book or heard the name as a best seller or a book recommended by a friend. Many novels have made a good impact as films. In common form films have been adapted as novel, there are also other forms such as television shows, comics, theatrical plays and even radio adaptation. In layman words, film adaptation is the transfer of work, fully or partly, to feature a film. It’s a derivative work. Many adaptations have received much attention and love. Film makers include their components to the story and showcase it incredibly different. Some stick to the authors words and story, some add few elements of their own. Changes are necessary and essential. In some film adaptations, they invent new characters or cut some scenes or change the scenes to make it more like an actual film. A novel is a novel as a film is a film, these art works must be seen as separate bodies. Even though interpretation of novel into film is possible, one should not stick to the thing called ‘accuracy’. The themes, effects and the main idea of the novel is being expressed, there maybe be changes required regarding the scenes or the characters to make an actual film.

Now let us look at the major films adaptations. There are numerous movie adaptations of books, they are:

A still from The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King (Source: Google)

The lord of the rings- is a film series of three legend fantasy adventure films directed by Peter Jackson. This film series is based on the novel written by J. R. R. Tolkien. It was a huge success, received one of the highest rank and were considered best trilogies ever made. The movies were nominated for 30 awards, from which they won 17 awards altogether. Commentators said that Jackson has added epic features in the films and showed Tolkien’s work beautifully. But they also said that some characters got weakened by more emphasis on action and violence. Some critics argued that Jackson’s version of the story is unavoidably different, even though some described it as a partial success.

Now comes the most favourite movie series of every child even adults, In fact it series which has no age barrier- The Harry Potter Series. The series is distributed by Warner Bros. which consists of eight epic fantasies.

A still from The Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Source: Google)

The films gave Rowling’s words life. The events covered in the books were depicted in a more cinematic manner. Producer David Heyman, also stated that Rowling knew that books and movies are different and was very supportive throughout the process. Even though some book fans maybe upset about not adapting everything from the books, but they should understand that making a film from a novel is not an easy task, it takes a lot of consideration and other tasks to make it happen. Rowling just wanted the films to show the true characters to the people which are in the books. The film received a huge response financially and critically. Even though book-readers were not much happy, but Rowling stated that she loved the way the films turned out and if the film incorporated each and every line than it would have been a four-hour long movie. Films have their rules and restrictions where as novel doesn’t have any restrictions on time and budget. Unlike The lord of the Rings trilogy, Harry potter series didn’t receive any Oscars but received nominations for other awards and won several of them.

Even in Bollywood, there are many films which were adapted from books. One of them was the recent one Dil Bechara, which is based on the bestseller novel The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. Meghna Gulzar’s Raazi is also a movie based on the book Calling Sehmat by Harinder Sikka. Meghna wanted to show the young girl’s fearless journey through her film. The film received positive responses from the critics and the audience. Also received numerous awards and nominations. In July 2020, Sikka claimed that Meghna changed the title without his permission and also didn’t adhere to the contract given.

A still from Raazi (Source: Google)

People have difference in opinions some say ‘Books are better’, Some say the ‘film is better’ but in a way both are best in their own ways. And it should be this way. Adaptations of novels into films is not an easy journey, it takes a lot of people and minds after it. One should develop parallel thinking, which helps them see both the side of a coin, which shapes their perception and opinion. Whatever said, don’t we just love seeing our favourite characters from books coming alive on screen?

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