Written and directed by Nishanti Evani which is very close to her heart as she has lived a similar situation in her life. Through this film, Nishanti wants to tell the story of millions of girls in India.

A photographer from upper-middle-class visits a slum in Mumbai in order to click some photos. She is sure that she will be safe there. After some minutes riots break in the place, everybody starts getting inside their houses but the photographer can’t see any door open for her. While she was panicking, a man comes and takes her to a safe place which was apparently a small toilet. Although that person saves her, but she fears his intentions. She thinks that it is like an opportunity for him to rape her, therefore she pushes him back because of which he gets hurt in the neck. She opens the door and runs outside and screams for help. A policeman is standing there, who also judges him in the same way and tells him to go away. The photographer realises that she has judged him wrongly.

The film ends with a strong message of people often judging the intensions based on their appearance.
Women are not safe in India and there is no doubt about it. Every woman once in their life face situations where they get bullied or harassed by men. There is news of this kind flooded over all the news mediums. These are the reasons why we are not able to trust anyone easily.
The way that man is portrayed in the short film, at one point, even you can start judging him. He is dark-complexioned and his clothes are also not like what we expect from good people. Therefore anybody can fall into the trap of considering him who is someone with bad intentions. There is always an image formed in our heads about those people will look like, and that man looked the same because of which the photographer feared him.

This film shows how our old beliefs wrap your perception of any particular situation. Under such situations, the humanity of people goes away and they become a replica of fear, anger and failure of sympathy.

By- Preeti Dalal

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