This is a short film made under the banner of Royal Stag Large short film depicting the circumstances of women in Indian families.

Asha’s parents visit her during vacation. In the initials of the film, it’s clear that the vacation was planned for only the mother and daughter and the father was almost like an intruder who later took over all the plans of her mother of boating and shopping and prioritised meeting relatives.

At night when Asha found her mother crying and tried asking her the problem, her mother told that she does not want to live with her father anymore, she wants to live with her daughter. It was getting too hard for her to stay with him anymore, and that there was not one particular reason but it was just the way they lived.

To this, the daughter reacted in a way in which usually mothers are seen reacting. She asked her mother to adjust and not throw tantrums as problems occur in every family.
The next day life started as everyday, family dynamics were as usual and Asha’s wish remained a wish. Watch the film to know more.

This film shows how insensitive we have become to listen to other’s problem, even our own parents’ problem.

It also shows how much respect is given to the wife’s opinion in this Indian patriarchal society. Decisions are made by men according to what they like and want.

The film throws light to the fact that a mother who can make a girl independent can also become independent the day she wants to.

In India, millions of mothers and Wives stay quite so that there are no clashes in the family. They accept that adjusting is the truth of their life and if one day they stop adjusting the next day the family will be broken into pieces. And still, in the end, Everything looks fine.

People say that a woman keeps the family intact, a woman has the power to sacrifice. Why? Is it because men have tried and then failed or it is because men have never tried or never wanted to try?

By- Preeti Dalal

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