The lock down during the COVID-19 pandemic has given good time to introspect. We have all seen times which were least expected. How about digging deep into your own self and exploring the real you?

We have all played different roles at different places. We act different at different places with different people in different situations. You are a different you at the office, at home, at a party and a complete different being with a close friend. How about bringing those versions out of you? It is time to bring the actor within you out now!


We, at Aniradichita believe that the best version of you should unleash and the hidden gems you have should be nourished.

  1. For every participant, a participation certificate shall be provided at the end of round two*.
  2. Those selected in round one shall get 1 day workshop and guidance for their better grooming as an actor.
  3. The winner and 1st runner up of each category shall receive acting sessions for free* conducted by Team Aniradichita for the year 2020.
  4. Prior preference* shall be given to the winners for our upcoming theatre and film projects.
  5. The winners shall be rewarded with a digital portfolio exclusively made by Team Aniradichita without any cost* in order to help them enter the industry with a better preparation.

There shall be two rounds to enact your character. The first round gives you the freedom to perform and enact your preferred character. Our internal team shall evaluate your performances and shall be clubbed with the opinion of the public in the ratio of 80(Evaluation score) : 20 (Relative score of audience/public opinion). The selection for the second round shall be done by our team with public opinion and shall be given a specific theme to be performed in the second round.

Who can participate?

Technically, everybody! A student, a teacher, a doctor, an engineer, an employee, an employer, a house wife, a house husband… Anybody and everybody who enjoys a living somebody else’s life for a moment and coming to your own. Those who like mimicing their bosses/teachers, holding a bottle as an award and giving speeches, those who like to sing in the shower or act like a hero/heroine in front of the mirror or in solitude! It is time when the hidden you is introduced…

The participants shall be categorized as follows:

  1. Up to 18 years : Cat 1
  2. 19 Years – 45 Years : Cat 2
  3. 46 Years and above : Cat 3


The time period for the first round shall start on 11/May/2020 to 30/May/2020.

The second round shall get over in the first weak of June and winners shall be announced.

How to participate?

  1. Make sure that the video is min 1 minute and maximum 3 minutes in duration.
  2. For those who want to use facebook, you can upload your video on your fb account, make sure you check-in to our page ‘Aniradichita – Theatres and Films‘ so that we can find you easily and share your performance from our page.
  3. For the users of Instagram, use the hashtag ‘#aniradichita’ , check-in to our Instagram account and mention us in your stories (@aniradichita_theatre_film) so that we can easily find your performance and you don’t go unnoticed. Please make sure your account is open in so that we can access your performance. For the accounts that are private, please change your settings to open. For updates, follow our Instagram Page.
  4. In case you would like to send the video in person, please send it to us personally.
  5. You can post a monologue or a dialogue video. Not more than 2 actors in a video shall be advisable.
  6. The stated rules are for the first round only. The rules for the second round shall be shared with the selected participants.
  7. The languages used for this can be any Indian Language and English.
  8. A video shot on any content creating app shall not be considered. The participant may use an editing software for enhanced performance but grading the performance shall not depend on it.

Still got doubts? Feel free to reach to us on Instagram or Facebook!

*Terms and Condition applied