Hey friend,

This is Aniradichita. You know, these times are tough and its not easy to hold yourself. It feels like life has come to stand still and nothing is working out. There’s this Corona Virus which is a common known stress eating us all and then, problems there are uncommon unknown tornado of various emotions eating you within. People want to talk about so many issues around the world but when you talk to somebody about your problems, they are like, “Ugh! We have seen bigger problems than that and have come out of it. Problems are a state of mind… It is the way you take it… Your attitude matters the most… Blah blah blah blah blah…” Why don’t they understand that you don’t want their ‘expert opinion’ or ‘successful solution’ but just an understanding ear to listen to you?

You know, life has changed in the last few months. There’s no safe mall to roam, no cinema to enjoy, no hanging out with friends, no night outs and nothing that used to be a normal stress buster or a venting out event. That feeling of being caged is an addition to your suppressed emotions. You don’t get to hug your friend that often, laughing your lungs out with your tribe, create moments with your loved ones, putting your head on that shoulder pouring all your pain out of your heart or feel serenity in your soul in that lap. Don’t you miss these?

You don’t have words to express, you have somebody to talk to but you don’t feel like. Your pen can’t write, colors can’t paint, melodies don’t flow and everything feels like you are stalemate! This is the worst feeling! It feels like there’s a dead man caged in a living body moving with the herd and pretending to live because sharing the real inner self will further make a piercing cut in the already dead! There are no words to share how it feels.

Well, I am here to tell you something, ‘I’ll be there for you’! I maybe able to give you one thing here – a small breath! Come here and vent out! Don’t limit yourself with words, sentences, language, etc etc. Do you love somebody? Or do you hate somebody? Do you want to confess something? You want to share something to this entire world? Do you have something that needs to be kept a secret and want it to remain so? Is something eating you? Come, share it!

You know what is the best part of it? I’ll keep it anonymous if you want, I can give a shout-out if you want. You get what you want. Just go and scribble. If nothing, just go and let me know that you are ok! All I want is a SMILE 🙂