What productive do we do staying home amidst the lock-down? All the passive entertainment is a boon currently but what happens to the live medium then? Happy World Theatre Day!

To add some fun to life and keeping this live medium of art alive, team #aniradichita has come up with ‘E-Talks’! While you hold your cup of tea or a mug of coffee, why not spend your Tea/Coffee time with us? All you need is a smartphone/laptop, a working internet connection and a zeal to join. Be lazy, be cool; be active, be you! We want this time to not so formal and more of an e-memory!

With your friends you have your T(ea) – Talks, with us you can have E-Talks. We shall all be connected and shall be discussing on and about ‘Theatre – The mother of all the arts’. Today’s session is the first session talking about ‘Avant – Garde Theatre’ (Wondering what it is? The session will reveal it today). At the end of the session, be ready for a surprise!!!

While you are wondering why should you spend this time with us, let us tell you one thing! If you like acting, writing, visualizing, story telling, painting, playing, talking, etc etc and most importantly being happy, we are here to give you a nitro boost today in the evening at 06:30 PM!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself registered! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to connect via chat (We are quick at replying)!

To register for the E-Talks, click here. (Limited entries)

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