These are the times of quarantine-lock down and to spice it up a bit, team #aniradichita has come up with ‘E-Talks’! While you hold your cup of tea or a mug of coffee, why not spend your best Tea/Coffee time with us talking about theatre? All you need is a smartphone/laptop, a working internet connection and a zeal to join. Be lazy, be cool; be active, be you! We want this time to not so formal and more of an e-memory!

Look here we are with an exciting 3rd consecutive session of E-Talks after two successful sessions themed ‘Char – Actor – ization’ and ‘Avant Garde Theatre’ on World Theatre Day. This time to make it more happening and thrilling. Want to know what we did in the last session? Have a look at the video:

This evening , we shall talk about the right amount of emotions at the right time! You must observed many who over-act in certain situation and spoil the feel? How are you sure that you are not doing that? At this E-talk, take the remote! Its time to Emote!

For this session, we have a very talented artist, Khadija Ghadiali (currently based in Mumbai)! She has been a part of many theatre productions as a lead actress and also faced camera in feature films and short films. Whether it is backstage or on stage, she has always made her presence felt and an experience worth feeling!

An Excerpt from ‘Gujarat Samachar’ dtd 16-April-2020.

When: April 17 – 06:30 PM (IST)

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