These are the times when the world is under the Corona stress making it boring and to spice it up a bit, team #aniradichita has come up with ‘E-Talks’! While you hold your cup of tea or a mug of coffee, why not spend your best Tea/Coffee time with us talking about theatre? All you need is a smartphone/laptop, a working internet connection and a zeal to join. Be lazy, be cool; be active, be you! We want this time to not so formal and more of an e-memory!

Look here we are with an exciting 2nd session of E-Talks after successful session themed ‘Char – Actor – ization’. This time to make it more happening and thrilling. Want to know what we did in the last session? Have a look at the video:

This weekend, we shall talk about the right amount of emotions at the right time! You must observed many who over-act in certain situation and spoil the feel? How are you sure that you are not doing that? At this E-talk, take the remote! Its time to Emote!

When: April 18 – 10:00 AM (EST)

To register for the E-Talks, click here. (Limited entries)

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