An actor needs an audience. A star is not born, a star is made by perseverance and practice. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard the film and theatre industry and we – the artists, are the ones who suffered. How do we continue to practice? Is it the right way? How is an audition cracked?

Since it’s inception in January 2020, this is the third time COVID has hit us. With our efforts, we have helped over 150+ artists to get exposure to the film and theatre industry. This session is focused on exploring avenues in the industry. Let us all come together and make this happen. We have expanded to various cities in the country. We have also have our well wishers and artists in the USA and Canada.

So what are you waiting for? Just fill this registration form and enroll for the event.


  1. Gayu kharote
    Age 18
    Height 5.7
    Weighs 50
    From Mumbai Goregon Height
    Language marathi hindi English
    Hoby . Danc. Drawing. Reading.
    Fation molding. Acctrst
    Mol 8237994095

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