A conversational box, opened! You perfect weekend Getaway!

Views, opinions, ideas are worth sharing. You don’t need to be an expert to comment on or review a film, web series, videos or any performance. All you need to have is a company who can agree to disagree with you. We would love to hear from you.

We at Aniradichita-Theatre and Films invite you to come join us for celebration of opinions and exchange of creative bursts! If you are creative and love exploring more about art and culture, this is the place you want to be – बैठक: this time loaded with performances of the new us – Team Aniradichita 2.0!!!

So what happens at बैठक?

Well, its simple. We sit together, we talk, we perform, we enjoy and have fun. We share views, express our opinions with the guests and make friends of opinions here. This beautiful conversation is followed by an activity to detox you and gain a newer perspective. We will then have some surprise performances from participants like you who nourished the artist within them from previous sessions of बैठक. Towards the end, we have a musical delight to refresh you for the week – a mesmerizing experience to help you fight your Monday Blues!

Sounds like a perfect Sunday evening? Come solo, duo or a group, you will find a new world for sure. Let us know that you are coming by filling this form.

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