The entire world is exposed to the fatal Corona Virus which already has taken over a hundred thousand lives and infected over one and a half million people globally. Under these circumstances, the world has come under one roof and placed humanity above everything. This is a war against this pandemic: a war fought without weapons.

On 18th of March 2020, when the pandemic had affected 166 countries already and India was on the verge of being impacted, we realized that this battle is fought not by guns and bullets while the virus tries to win over the humans, the warriors who are fighting against them need our prayers to fight! Our team prayed for the Warriors and guess what? We felt an energy that was too positive. We thought to share this feeling with others and that same night, we requested people to join.

The idea was simple! Wherever you are, whatever you may be doing, just close your eyes and send good wishes and prayers to the Corona Warriors for a minute. A prayer done together has more power than in fragments. Many joined us and we prayed together.

The word spread and with us came people from over 8 countries. We all decided to pray for our warriors together. 22/March/2020, when India experienced it’s first Janta curfew, we prayed along with 8 other countries. When people of 9 countries (including India) pray together for our Corona Warriors, the cosmos has to bat an eye!

Who are our superheroes in the current times? It is these Corona Warriors who are taking a bullet for us! The reel heroes also joined hands for our real heroes! The Gujarati Film Fraternity came together and prayed for the warriors who are protecting us in real life! We celebrated the World Theatre Day by praying for our Warriors!

“Prayers outlive the lives of those who uttered them; outlive a generation, outlive an age, outlive a world.” E.M Bounds. Today, people from 15 countries come together and pray for our Corona Warriors!

We take this initiative forward! Let us pray for our Warriors everyday! Lets spare a minute everyday and pray together! Keeping in mind the community and their times, we have decided that we shall all pray together at 13:00 hours (GMT + 00:00) everyday for our Corona Warriors! Let us take a moment for those who are risking their lives to save us!

If you would like to connect with us for the prayers or convey a prayer to the warriors, please feel free to do it:

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