About the Guest

Aarjav Trivedi: Aarjav Trivedi is an Indian actor associated with the Gujarati film industry. He rose to fame with his debut movie, Chhello Divas: A New Beginning (2015). After his debut he was seen in Shubh Aarambh (2017), Duniyadari (2017) and Shu Thayu? (2018).

Theatre and Life

Third session of the season was taken by Aarjav Trivedi, famously known as Dhulo from Chhello Divas on Theatre and Life. The session took around how Theatre can be connected to life and can create something beautiful out of it. Aarjav explained how emotions and life incidences could be an inspiration to understand a scene or a character. The session took a start from this idea and then there were exercises and tasks allotted which helped the participants to connect their emotions and feelings to apply in their acting and writing.

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