A conversational box, opened! You perfect weekend Getaway!
Sometimes, we want to talk about topics but we don’t have the right kind of people to gel with!
We at Aniradichita-Theatre and Films are giving the theatre and film enthusiasts to come join us for celebration of opinions and exchange of creative bursts ! If you are creative, a movie buff or simple love exploring more about art and culture, this is the place you want to be !

It’s simple and easy.
A topic will be given. If you feel you want to speak up about it, go for it. We will have healthy conversations with people who are like minded. Then we have role playing post the discussion. The real fun of enacting characters from your favorite movies and series or anything relevant to the topic of discussion

And the last part of the evening, Jamming session!!! Come with guitars, mouth organs, flutes anything you like!
Bring your friends ( one member can bring one person with him/her)
What are you waiting for ? Hop in soon !
Don’t miss this!