Dream girl

When you buy a ticket of an Ayushmann Khurrana film you already know that the film is going be a great entertainer with a message.
Karamveer Singh played by Ayushmann khurrana is good at impersonating female voice since childhood because of which he played Sita and other female characters in mythological plays like Ramayan. Although he didn’t like this work but since he got a good amount of money for this he agreed to do it again. While searching for a job he gets into contact of Mauji and requested him to give him any kind of job by saying “Sir mai crosia ka kaam bhi jaanta hu…sweater pe naachta hua more bhi bana sakta hu…aap ek baar try kar lijiye bus” but he is resistant to give him a job but by seeing him pleading in front of him he showed him the other side of his world where he has employed women in a call centre to talk to men who find themselves lonely without any partner in a sexy voice. With his impersonating skills, he manages to get the job in place of Pooja, since she was very irregular and her callers/customer were unhappy with that.

With Pooja’s identity, Karam manages to earn on a lot of money he had lie to his father about by saying his job he got a job in an MNC. His father had a shop dealing with funeral items and he was under a huge debt of loan.
Once when he went to deliver some funeral items to one of their customers, he came across Mahi and was fascinated by her beauty. With his Cheesy lines, he gained Mahi’s interest and successfully got engaged with her. On the other hand, his customer and fan following increased as Pooja.

Toto, a spoilt brat, Rajpal a married policeman who thinks himself as some Shayar, Mahinder who is Mahi’s elder brother and Jagjeet Singh (his own father) fell in love with Pooja and wanted to meet her desperately. Karam annoyed with these people thought of discouraging them to meet Pooja by talking rudely with them as Pooja but the plan backfired on him. He was not able to leave the job as his employer blackmailed him by saying that he would reveal his identity to the world which would affect his marriage.

A huge mess was created around and everything got entangled badly. His plan of discouraging his father by saying that Pooja was actually a Muslim girl also failed as his father changed his religion to Muslim and did everything possible to impress the girl. In one of the functions where Karamveer was performing as Radha-Toto, Rajpal, Mahender and Roma appeared to know the truth of Pooja’s truth.

writing of film seemed a bit weak in the second half where things got a little confused and Mahi’s character was also given less importance.
Apart from Ayushmann khurrana as Karamveer and Pooja the characters of Rajpal, Mahendra and Jagjeet raised the film to a higher level with their performance and dialogue delivery.

The local dialect of Gokul was successfully caught by every actor which made the film more realistic.
Raaj Shaandilyaa needs to be credited for writing realistic, impactful yet humorous dialogues like- Tum bahot ache ladke ho ..varna aaj kal ke launde karte kuch ur hai ur kehte kuch aur, Sir 15,17 saal padh liya kuch kama nahi aaya b sirf likhunga, Ye kaisi aurat hai jisnei mardo ki har variety ko fhasa rakha hai.bus mai hi reh gaya(maulana) , aee maulana mera khoon na khaulana.The film is filled with laughs everywhere and successfully imparts an important message at the end.

The film had some really good songs like Ik Mulaqaat and mere dil ka telephone.

This film is a must-watch comedy Masala entertainer which you can enjoy with your whole family.

By-Preeti Dalal

Trailer- https://youtu.be/nf39Jpi3ZQ4

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