Growing up in an era of friendship like Chhichhore, Ye jawaani hai deewani, Zindagi na milegi dobara, 3 idiots; I never thought I would enjoy an early 60’s movie on such a theme. “Dosti” is a 1964 black and white film directed by Satyen Bose and produced by Tarachand Barjatya under Rajshri Productions banner, starring Sushil Kumar and Sudhir Kumar as the two main protagonists.

This film leaves me amused by the simplicity of its characters. Ramnath (Sushil’s character), a boy who lost everything, from his parents to even his leg, meets a blind boy Mohan (Sudhir’s character) who is alone in the big city searching for his sister. They coincidentally cross each other’s path and from there their friendship climbs the stairs of comfort, love and sacrifice for eachother. A simple yet so powerful connect between them just blows your mind.

Other than a strong bond of friendship, you can also see one’s never dying spirit. Despite being handicapped and poor, Ramnath refuses to beg, infact he even asks Mohan not to do the same. Ramnath manages to make his mother’s word true by excelling in the final exam and that wouldn’t have happened without the help of his beloved friend Mohan. They were each other’s support system.

Ramanth is such a strong character who is true to his words and beliefs. The varied bonds which he shared with his mother, friend, teacher, neighbour and rajkumari, makes you fall in love with him, whereas Mohan is a sensitive and implusive character, though he is a loyal and trustworthy friend.

Seeing such friendship takes me back and makes me hope to have more such people in real life. It’s truly a classic and has imprinted it’s effects on me for a long time.

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