Here are few iconic Bollywood films, that have portrayed the life of a doctor, focused on their personal relationships, their ambitions and what not. We salute them for their hardwork. Let’s recall some of the best on-screen doctors that left a mark on their viewer’s heart.


Amitabh Bachchan may have enacted scores of roles in his towering career, but the role of a doctor that he enacted in this iconic film directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee continues to be the high point of his acting career. Here is a doctor who when not able to find a cure for his friend in the medicine system he practices, ventures out to find the cure in alternate systems, underlining the fact that the relationship between a patient and a doctor is laid on the foundation of faith, hope and fervor. There still would be scores of ‘Anands’ still practicing the same way as Anand did in Anand, and it is because of these ‘Anands’ that the faith in the system, though shaken, has still not been obliterated.


On the off chance that one wishes to comprehend why splendid specialists relocate to greener fields, this is the film that one needs to watch. Here is a specialist who, at a youthful age, finds a medication that can possibly treat an interminable malady, and he is compensated for this disclosure also – albeit universally. The bureaucratic framework strikes back at him and presents him on a remote town and the incongruity of the circumstance is that at last his disclosure is credited to some different specialists in the USA. Coordinated by Tapan Sinha, this film underlines the numerous hardships a specialist faces on the off chance that the individual in question wishes to work inside the framework, and how it drives the specialist either to craziness or to an alternate nation.


The film depends on the life of real-life Dr Dwarkanath Kotnis, an Indian specialist who worked in China during the Japanese attack in World War II and surrendered his life rewarding his patients. The hopeful youthful specialist, played by V Shantaram, who likewise coordinated the film, discovers that clinical assistance is required by the Chinese who are held under attack by the Japanese and goes there at the stature of the Second World War. He meets a Chinese young lady there who turns into his right hand and at the appropriate time, they wed. Such is their energy that on their wedding night itself, they set out to support the injured after an assault. A plague sets in and so as to discover a remedy for it, the great specialist self-infuses himself with it so as to create subterranean insect bodies. He’s ready to build up an immunization yet later capitulates to the afflictions of the calling. His young spouse is seen coming to India alongside his baby child in the peak.


It depends on Uttam Kumar’s Bengali exemplary Ami Se O Shakha (1975). Dr Sudhir Roy (Amitabh Bachchan) has a sibling named Adir (Amitabh Bachchan) who is intellectually sick. He has been raised by Magistrate Chaturvedi (Om Shiv Puri) and been concurred indistinguishable offices from the justice’s own child Prashant (Vinod Mehra). Both grow up to become specialists. The two of them like their batchmate Kavita (Raakhee). Sudhir lets Prashant charm her and they before long get hitched. Prashant travels to another country for higher investigations and returns a changed man. He begins charging extravagant expenses and starts doing illicit premature births also. At the point when one of his patients bites the dust during an activity, Sudhir takes the charge on his head. He even fudges clinic records to make the justification hermetically sealed. He’s sent to prison for the wrongdoing and he makes Prashant guarantee that he and Kavita will from now on utilize their clinical information for the improvement of the individuals.


When one discusses the clinical calling, the discussion would be deficient if the job of medical caretakers isn’t calculated into the story, and who might be preferable qualified over Waheeda Rehman to be highlighted with unmistakable quality here? Her job of medical attendant underlined the human side of the calling. That a medical caretaker likewise has feelings and she can likewise begin to look all starry eyed at was brought out perfectly in the unpretentious and grand way wherein her job was carved out, and that is an accomplishment that has not been imitated once more.

By Rajrita Chattopadhyay

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