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Ever wondered why every morning before getting up from bed, you have your phone in your hand? You scroll through your feed for countless hours, why? What it has that made you so addicted? Whenever your phone vibrates there is an urge to check your phone instantly, why? If you’re planning to make a list of documentaries or if you want to watch the best documentary in 2021, your why’s will be answered by watching this one. Well, there is a documentary that answers all your whys. It reveals the horrifying impact of the social networking site on humans. It is a Netflix Original which was released on the 9th of September, Directed by Jeff Orlowski – The Social Dilemna

This documentary revolves around the strategies the tech companies are using against humans. First of it starts with the improvements that Social media made in the world and how it reconnected lost family members and friends across the world. How it helped to reach out to a mass public. It all started with good intentions, such as the like button for Facebook was invented to encourage people. But every new invention or research has a limitation or a defect, people who got lesser likes got depressed and did unpredictable things. This wasn’t supposed to happen but it did.

Former tech workers from Silicon Valley, who were a part of these companies reveals the hidden and the dark side of these social media platforms. Millennials are more into social media, the majority of them got their social media handles during middle school in the US. These Social media platforms structure their mind and encourage them to use it more and more. For instance, let’s assume you’re watching a video on YouTube about plane crashes, the next thing you will see is the recommendations of videos such as plane crashes in the 1990s or Plane crash in Kerela in 2020. These videos will keep you involved and makes you spend more time on your phone than with your family or friends. The documentary also tells you how these business models control your minds through these models. They know where you are, what you do, what you like, what you see, what you ignore, every single thing about you. These tech giants have tricked us in a way that we are totally clueless about their actions and made us totally stick to our phones all day long.

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The documentary in a way surprises you and also at the same time scares the hell out of you. We have seen people picking up fights over a post which was forwarded through Facebook or Instagram, which nobody knew whether it was true or not but it made people lashing on and off social media. Even the creators himself admitted that they were once addicted to their own creation. The Artificial intelligence (AI) which humans created is not controlled by us anymore. Points highlighted in the film says that these industries treat their users as lab rats, they test their techniques on us through our platforms and see what outcomes they get from their tests. The most terrifying part of this situation is shown in the film that it’s happening on a huge scale. The film has opened the minds of the users and made them more aware of the evil things going on behind those screens. One thing that film also needed to build on is that how one can deal with the ‘dilemma’? there should be other alternatives than ‘shutting down all your social media accounts’ or ‘turning off your notifications’. This documentary hits differently than others, it’s more involving even during the critical scenes. This documentary is a must-watch for every individual who is involved or not involved in social media. Watching this will definitely change and shape your perception and actions towards social media in a better way.

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