The crafts of Goa are fine, intricate and bring out the dexterity and the creative aspect of the people. Rural artisans makes unique range of handicrafts in Goa that comprises of handmade jewelries, decorative items, paper crafts, pottery, shell crafts, etc.

pottery of GoaGoa is a home to different handicrafts, and it can be said that art virtually runs in the bloods of Goans. The crafts of the state are a commercial success and are in huge demand in the country as well as abroad. They are also sold in various handicraft emporiums and all major tourist spots. The art and crafts of Goa are the amalgamation of Portuguese and Indian culture. The crafts are fine, intricate and capture the fancies of tourists and locals alike. These crafts reflect the perennial glory of Goa and they carved a niche for themselves in the world of crafts.

Types of Crafts in Goa
The major art forms of the state include pottery and terracotta, woodwork, brass and metal work, crochet and embroidery, bamboo craft, fiber craft, batik paintings and metal embossing.

The rich red, smooth surfaces of the earthenware of Goa have a distinct style of their own. Potters produce utility and decorative items with a realistic touch. The various items produced include,flower garden pots, bowls with floral designs, figures of saints, Gods and Goddesses, animals, ashtrays, pen holders etc. Although pottery is made all over Goa, Borde and Bicholim are the two famous centers of earthenware.

Wood craft
Wood work is a tradition of Goa, which shot to prominence with the coming of Portuguese. This talent was fine tuned when Western style furniture was produced in Goa mainly to be exported to other countries. The designs are mainly floral, animal and human figures. Woodwork of Verem, Bardez and Cuncolim are famous.

Brass Craft
Goa is renowned for its brass items especially, sarnais. The craft has passed on from one generation to another, which was practiced on hereditary basis. The various items produced include oil lamps in various designs, candle stands,temple towers, church bells, ashtrays etc.

Crochet Embroidery
Crochet embroidery is another traditional craft of Goa which developed with the advent of the Portuguese. This craft, which passed on from one generation to another, has improved in quality and design from time to time. Hankies, tablecloths, children and ladies garment, cushion covers and bed spreads are the various items, which have embroidery work.

Bamboo and Cane Craft
Bamboo craft is another Goan craft, which has its own style and was practiced here by the ‘mahars’ a scheduled caste of Goa. The range of items produced includes patlo (baskets), valli (used for washing rice and grains) ‘supli’ (for cleaning rice) mats in different sizes and dali (used by farmers for drying food grains). With time this craft has become even more innovative.

Fibre Craft
Fibre Craft was brought and developed in Goa by the nuns from Kerala. The range of items includes shopping bags, ladies purse, coasters and wall hangings, which are usually made of banana or sisal fiber.

Embossing Craft
Metal embossing craft is a recent addition in the constellation of Goan crafts. This range consists of wall hangings of Gods and Goddesses and other figures of different motifs.

Shell Craft
Seashell craft is an exclusive craft of Goa. The major items produced in this category are ashtrays, lampshades, coasters, chandeliers, curtains, pot hangers, table mats, clocks, mirror frame etc.

Coconut Mask Carving
Mask from Coconut is used for carving different figures as daily utility items and home decorative. It is done on coconut shells which are found abundantly in the coastal areas of Goa.

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