It’s a Royal Stag Barrel Select Large short film of about 27 mins about the existing problem of boys stalking girls in the country.
Meghna moves to another city with her brother for the job. She notices that an old man who’s apartment was opposite to her’s would keep looking at her all the time. He would sit or stand under the building to see Meghna when she leaves for the office or comes back home. Meghna is really disturbed by this and when she reaches her office, she comes across news of boys stalking girls and it’s increasing cases.

One day when Meghna was leaving for her office she sees an old man standing and waiting for Meghna with a gift and a chocolate in his hands. Seeing this Meghana takes a different road but that man still kept following her and in the middle of the road he stops her by keeping his hand on her shoulder. To this Meghna reacts aggressively by shouting at him to stop stalking her like this and doing all these mad things as she didn’t like it. After that day she never saw that man ever again. Once when advised by his boss that everybody should mind their words all the time and not misunderstand anybody so Meghna went to say sorry to that man at his house and found her daughter in law there. To her surprise that old man was no more as he died 4 days ago. His daughter in law told about the story of that man and left Meghna in atmost grief and guilt.

The story has a different take on stalking and people forming conceptions in their own heads for the same. It shows how misunderstandings can even lead to the loss of one’s life and we should always give one chance to everybody for explaining themselves.
The way the story is narrated creates suspense about the old man and his intentions. There is also a sense of thrill with unfolding of the story. The short film in the middle gets very slow, maybe the intention was to create more suspense but it became a bit boring and monotonous.

Sweta Basu Prasad the protagonist and Manoj Kolhatkar have give decent performances.

The story tells us to have a different perspective about things in life and not accept things as they look instead give everything a chance and try to find what actually the matter is instead of missunderstanding things and getting tensed.

By- Preeti Dalal

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