So we gave you a break of two days. I hope you must have watched atleast four documentaries by now. Today, on the ocassion of World Environment Day, we are celebrating it with the Documentaries on YouTube.

Ever looked at the grey sky and wondered if it was still blue? Ever looked at the black water and wondered if it still was blue? Ever looked at the red bush and wondered if it still could be green? We all want the essence of nature to revert back to normal. But all we guys do is watch it become grey, black and red. This environment day we can learn form these YouTube documentaries and try to imple ideas from them. So, here are some amazing documentaries that you can watch on YouTube.

1. Plastic wave – A documentary film on plastic pollution

Sometimes I wish if we could go back in time and stop the invention of plastic. A plastic wave signifies the damage a small plastic bag could do. To us it might just be another plastic bag, but once it tastes the ocean. It can kill hundreds of small creatures inside. This documentary portrays how we can reduce the use of plastic and try to create a better ocean.

2. Beyond Pollution – Environmental Documentary

Beyond Pollution – the title itself suggests the inside of this documentary. Human mind is too little to understand the significance of a ordinary dollar. One dollar has the power to destroy out this beautiful paradise. Get the insights of what can happen onces its beyond point of tolerance of mother nature.

3. Sustainability

All things have tolerance, our planet in no exception to it. We all must understand how much can the Earth tolerate, like Newton said everything has an equal and opposite reaction. We destroy our planet and it will do the same to us. Watch “Sustainability” to understand sustainability.

4. Feeling climate change – the real environmental disaster

A piece of our condition will make you realize that we kill water and water will kill us eventually. Through this lens we can look back and feel how much climate change has been done in the past decade. If this continues there will be much less to live for, actually there would be almost nothing to live for. And the white currency in your hands would not buy you bread.

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