Sisters of congregation of Convent of Jesus and Mary celebrate the completion of 75 years: Shri Harold D’Souza, His Highness Prince Shri Manvendra Sinh Gohil and Mr. Deepak Acharya invited as chief guests: Team Aniradichita takes part


At a very pleasant day on 16th November 2021, Team Aniradichita got the privilege to be invited at the celebration of 75 years of Convent of Jesus and Mary Girl’s High School. The celebration was at Claudine Niwas Halol, which is a special place where girls from the marginalized section of the society are nurtured and educated. Sr.Kumud is a pioneer in setting up and managing Claudine Niwas. Her persistent efforts have resulted into making the lives of more than 200 girls a better one to live. From education, to nurturement the sisters have been instrumental in shaping lives.

Sr.Nirmala with Sr. Kumud

The sisters of the congregation hosted the event, and invited the presence of  Shri Harold D’Souza- Founder President Eyes Open International and Ex Member of Advisory Council on Human Trafficking, The White House, His Highness Prince Shri Manvendra Singh Gohil of Rajpipla and Shri Deepak Acharya CEO-Inox India Pvt Ltd.

L to R- Smt Rachna Sabharwal, Shri Deepak Acharya, His Highness Prince Shri Manvendra Sinh Gohil, Shri Harold D’Souza and Shri Hriday Raval

The event also saw the presence of members of the Eyes Open International family, Shri Hriday Raval- Regional Director EOI, Rachna Sabharwal- Trustee Eyes Open International Trust India. The event started with the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries, and a prayer dance by the girl students of Claudine Niwas. Hriday Raval then presented the welcome address and gave a brief about the working and projects of Eyes Open International. It was followed by a bright welcome dance performed by the enthusiastic girls of Claudine Niwas.

Shri Harold D’Souza and Shri Aniket Pandya

Sr. Nirmala gave a brief understanding of the work of the conglomeration of Convent of Jesus and Mary. The working of the conglomeration has helped more than 200 girls in the area of Panchmahal district of Gujarat. they have also helped the girls marry to good families and have supported the entire education and financial assistance for their marriages as well. In a world today, where there is so much degradation of culture and human values, the work done by the sisters is exemplary. It is contributive to the society and restores balance in the society for human values and faith.

The much popular known timli dance was performed by the girls wearing beautiful traditional coloured outfits. It was treat to watch the creativity of the girls once again. the dance was symbolic of Gujarat’s traditional culture. It was much applauded by the audience.

The dignitaries then gave a speech for the occasion, starting with Shri Deepak Acharya. In his address, he talked about the soft corner he has for the girls of Claudine Niwas and how he will be ever ready to support the infrastructure and other needs of the school. He also explained the amount of work done by Inox India Pvt Ltd for the supply of oxygen during the second wave of COVID in India. His words were kind and indicated the true spirit of an Indian.

L to R- Shri Deepak Acharya, Shri Harold D’Souza and Shri Rakesh Shah

The next address was given by His Highness Shri Manvendra Sinh Gohil of Rajpipla. He was very touched and emotional about the event and shared his emotional journey into being accepted as the first gay prince of India. He also shared how he could associate with the feelings of the girls of Claudine Niwas. He then opened new doors of collaboration between Lakhsya Trust ( An organization founded by His Highness Prince Shri Manvendra sinh Gohil for the upliftment and development of the LGBTQIA community) and the conglomeration of the Convent of Jesus and Mary.

The girls of Claudine Niwas were then asked to share about their journeys so far at Claudine Niwas. Dipika, Neha and Dipti shared their experiences as to how they had become homeless and how their mother couldn’t keep them. Coming from a marginalized sector and not having education brought them to the care of Sr Kumud. they have really prospered. The two sisters Dipika and Dipti are now working at an MNC and earning for themselves and have even rented an apartment for themselves. It is a matter of great pride that such amazing examples of actual women empowerment are happening in our society. Sr Kumud has worked hard and with diligence for the development and nurturement of these young bright girls.

Dipika and Dipti with Shri Harold D’Souza

Shri Harold D’Souza in his address announced an all expense paid education for one girl child in the United States of America. He recalled his alma matter, Convent of Jesus and Mary, Vadodara. Also, he recalled his student days and was very expressive about the announcement for sponsorship of one girl child. He also pledged benches and chairs, and a fridge for the school.

Vote of Thanks was given by Rachna Sabharwal- Managing trustee of Eyes Open International. She gave thanks to all the members and the ancillary staff who came from Vadodara and Halol to extend their support and make the event a huge success.

The function was also supported by Shri Rakesh Shah and Shri Dhananjay Patel, the two pillars of support for Eyes Open International. Delegates such as Purobi Roy, who was penned a book on the life of Shri Harold D’Souza and Jennifer ma’am Assistant to Mr. Deepak Acharya who support the cause were also present.

As a token of appreciation and for the development of the girls, Team Aniradichita has also decided to devote time for teaching any form of performing arts for the girls. This announcement was made by Shri Aniket Pandya Founder of Aniradichita- Theatre and Films. Various film making courses and theatre workshops will be conducted for the girls. As we always believe that empowering women by skill sets is the most powerful tool for the society. The team takes inspiration from Shri Harold D’Souza who fondly says,” If you feed fish to a person you are providing for a meal, but if you teach fishing to the person you are feeding them for life.”

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