An oddly appealing film: Sixteen Candles

Movie cast: Molly Ringwald, Michael Schoeffling, Paul Dooley, Justin Henry, Anthony Michael Hall Movie Director: John Hughes A convincing film even after more than three decades since its release, celebrates the story based on innocent teenage emotions and dreams set in United States of America in the 80’s by the director and writer John Hughes. … Continue reading An oddly appealing film: Sixteen Candles

Parallel Cinema: How different or same it is with Mainstream Cinema?

The history of cinema in India extends back to the beginning of the film era. Following the screening of the Lumière and Robert Paul moving pictures in London (1896), commercial cinematography became a worldwide sensation and by mid-1896 both Lumière and Robert Paul films had been shown in Bombay. The first Indian film released in … Continue reading Parallel Cinema: How different or same it is with Mainstream Cinema?

Girish Karnad, the coming of age of modern Indian play writing in Kannada

Born on 19 May 1938, Girish Karnad was an Indian actor, film director, Kannada writer, playwright and a Rhodes Scholar, who predominantly worked in South Indian cinema and Bollywood. He was active in the world of Indian cinema working as an actor, director and screenwriter, in Hindi and Kannada cinema, and has earned awards. Apart … Continue reading Girish Karnad, the coming of age of modern Indian play writing in Kannada

An Inspiring and Ancient Culture every Indians should know : Forms of Theatre

The origin of Indian theatre is closely related to ancient rituals and seasonal festivities of the country. Hindu theorists from the earliest days conceived of plays in terms of two types of production: Lokadharmi (realistic), which involved the reproduction of human behaviour on the stage and the natural presentation of objects Lokadharmi Natyadharmi (conventional), which … Continue reading An Inspiring and Ancient Culture every Indians should know : Forms of Theatre

#Tamil Film : Sillu Karupatti

An anthology of four romantic stories across four age groups connected by the magical thread known as love. The movie is so affectionately made with charming exhibitions, aesthetic visuals and emotive music (by Pradeep Kumar) that sublimely supplement the insightful writing."Look around there's love everywhere", says Mukilan to Madhu, and that is by all accounts … Continue reading #Tamil Film : Sillu Karupatti

An Inside Look into the Parallel Cinema!

For a start let's begin with the peculiarities of parallel cinema: It has fixation on social critique – i.e. these movies focus too much on the social criticism. This is the reason these movies have also been called as “complaint box cinema”.They highlight social issues such as - corruption, nepotism, patriarchy and religious intolerance.Rejection to … Continue reading An Inside Look into the Parallel Cinema!


Being one of the oldest and mother of several other languages, Sanskrit is a classical literature which requires genius of poets and great thinkers to achieve world-renown. Kalidasa is one of them, a Sanskrit poet, dramatist and the greatest Indian writer. It is believed that he lived around 5th century CE. His poems suggest but … Continue reading A CLASSICAL SANSKRIT WRITER: KALIDASA

The Father of Indian Drama: Bhasa

Mahakavi Bhasa Bharat has a very ancient history, more than 8000 years old. Drama being the oldest form of communication and a branch of performing arts was began to narrate stories using the combinations of speech, dance, music, gesture and sound. India has an indigenous dramatic tradition and still remains unaffected from foreign influences. Bhasa … Continue reading The Father of Indian Drama: Bhasa

Theatre as Life Skill

The word "theatre" is derived from the Greek "theaomai", which means “to see.” Theatre demands to get engrossed with all our senses into it which is applicable to the performers as well as the spectators. To express different stories in distinct ways is what theatre all about that ultimately helps you in creating meaning to … Continue reading Theatre as Life Skill

Chupke Chupke

Directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Chupke Chupke is a remake of the Bengali film Chhadmabeshi based on Upendranath Ganguly’s Bengali story Chhadobeshi. The film stars Dharmendra, Sharmila Tagore, Amitabh Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Om Prakash among others. The name of the film Chupke Chupke suits the film perfectly according to the plot, in which Parimal Tripathy and … Continue reading Chupke Chupke


A classic by Hrishikesh Mukherjee which gives a variety of performances within a limited premise. Have you watched it?

Mootichoor Chakhnachoor

A small town love story with filled with laughter

Paatal Lok : A Review

Paatal Lok is a crime drama series launched on Prime Video. Four accused are arrested after a failed assassination attempt of a prominent journalist in Delhi. As the police investigates further a much larger web of crimes come to the forefront. The case keeps getting complex as they get closer to the solution.

Amar Akbar Anthony

Multi-starrer films are as good as the cast in it. There have been many films throughout the history of Bollywood wherein big names share silver screen together, and do it convincingly. Films like Satte pe Satta, The Burning Train, Hum Saath Saath hain, have been notable with their performances and screen writing, but we cannot … Continue reading Amar Akbar Anthony