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May 28 2022

How to Use a Green Screen — Setup, Lighting and Creative Uses

What is a green screen used for? Today, using this technique is easy and commonly used by: Photographers Vloggers Presenters…

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Saahil Vankar
Nov 26 2021

TV serials of 1980s you’ll never get tired of

The ’80s is often considered the darkest period in Bollywood history. But this was the time Indian television was warming…

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Nov 24 2021

Free-to-air entertainment channels change the game to attract better ad rates

As FTA channels continue to grow in terms of reach and viewership, broadcasters have started to work on getting the…

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Nov 10 2021

Best Indian TV Shows From The 90s We Still Adore

For millenials who grew up during the 90s, TV was really one of the few options to entertain themselves. With…

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Nov 26 2020

Actors that made from small screen to silver screen

Every person who goes to Mumbai dreams of becoming the next Bollywood superstar. Success does not come easy and surely, it is not necessary that it begins with the silver screen. There have been many who have debuted through television before entering Bollywood. Let’s talk about some of them.

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Afifa naziraly