Celebrating 86th birthday of Ruskin Bond

The author of numerous novellas, short-story collections and non-fiction books, many of them classics. Among them are When I Was a Boy, Lone Fox Dancing, The Room on the Roof, A Flight of Pigeons and A Book of Simple Living. In 1993, he received Sahitya Akademi Award, in 1999 the Padma Shri and in 2014 … Continue reading Celebrating 86th birthday of Ruskin Bond

Modern crisis – of responsible leaders

“You can have the most wonderful motives for what you do, but if what you do harms other people, you’re fooling yourself” ~ John Carroll Lynch The year was 1905, Wright brothers took a half hour long flight in their Wright flyer. And this Wright flyer ran down in history as human civilization’s first practical … Continue reading Modern crisis – of responsible leaders

The Made Choice

Can a mansion be built on a house? The made choice - time to choose!

The Right Job?

A short story that leaves you with a question you must have faced at least once...

The Path Matters

Its not just the destiny but the path too that defines you...